Seminary ~ Exercise ~ The Secret of Remote Viewing and Astral Projection

astral OBE
Imagine going on vacation to Greece. You are staying in a stunning white villa overlooking the crystal blue waters of the sea … The sun is reflecting on the water and sparkling like diamonds.

What if you could check out your vacation spot (and not with brochures or old photos) before booking your trip …

If you are skilled in Astral Projection or Remote Viewing, you do exactly that and much, much more.

When you practice Remote Viewing, you can see your target as clearly as you see these words…

So what is the secret to achieving vivid clarity and detail?

Practice visualization.

It sounds really simple, but spending just a few minutes each day on this practice will train your brain to bring back
more detail, color and clarity every time you remote view or project to a target.

Start with a memory.

Imagine the last time you ate an orange.

See the orange in your mind. See how bright the color is, the dimples in the skin of the orange, fell the texture and
the weight of it in your hand. Peel the skin back. Hear the sound it makes and smell the citrus of the fruit. Make
every detail as bright and vivid as possible.

This may be difficult at first and you may not be able to hold all of the details in you mind. But as you practice, you will
find that it becomes easier and your visualizations will become brighter and your mind will hold more details at
one time.

Move on to other memories. Visualize a room in your house or a place that you have been. What does it smell like? What
types of sounds are in the vicinity? How does the room feel in contrast to your current location? Take in all the details. Go
back to the area you practiced on if possible and see what you missed.

Your consciousness will begin to extend beyond the boundaries of your physical body to absorb this data.

Try it out!  We think you will be amazed at the difference this will make when you go back to practice remote viewing and astral

We can’t wait to hear about your experiences with this technique!