Sacredness in Hawai’i


The first law of thermal dynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed.  The Hawaiians must have known this as  they believed that while the sacredness of a place could perhaps be defiled, it could never be lostEnergy extends to sacred places and the objects within them, such as pohaku.  Pohaku hold a lot of power and seek to be in their proper place at all times.  (Just ask anyone who has tried to bring black sand or lava pieces home with them after picking them up from Hawaiian shores.  The disasters cease when these items are returned to Hawai’i Nei.)  Although Hawai’i is not Mecca, Lhasa or Lourdes, the islands deserve to be recognized as the land of the gods and goddesses.  The land is not just filled with sacred objects, the land itself is sacred and blessed.   When one makes a journey, they must first chant to the place to which they are traveling, because no one else will ever experience what they will experience there.  Every experience mixes our own personal consciousness with the sacred power of the particular place.  And, in Hawai’i, there are many powerful and mysterious experiences to be had.

‘Amama ‘ua noa … Let these prayers fly!

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