WEEKLY HOROSCOPES ~ July 14-20, 2014 ~ by Beverley Taylor



Quite a change planetary wise this coming week, with 3 major changes, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter all changing signs. Jupiter being one of the generation planets makes it a very influential difference over the coming months in various respects. Next week it’s busy again, with the Sun and Mars both changing signs, and Saturn moving Direct again. It one way, the movements of the planets at times seems to be quite busy or nothing much at all. Anyway, now on to the planetary influences and horoscopes for this week.

The Sun is in it’s last phase of affectionate, caring, loving apprehensive and receptive Cancer, making us quite sensitive at times.

The Moon starts the week in impulsive, magnetic, imperative Aquarius. On Wednesday it moves into emotional, responsive, sensitive Pisces. On Saturday it moves again into active, excitable, impulsive Aries, with a Last Quarter Moon then making us aim for personal goals. On Sunday it moves into defensive, possessive, security conscious Taurus, finishing the week there.

Mercury is now in imaginative, intuitive, compassionate & sensitive Cancer. Venus remains in positive, flirtatious Gemini, when we seek some fun. On Saturday it moves into devoted, sympathetic, caring Cancer, and can make us react much more emotionally.

Mars remains in vigilant, just, harmonious Libra until the end of next week. Jupiter remains in intuitive, principled, considerate Cancer, until Thursday, when it moves into benevolent, confident, expansive and flamboyant Leo, enhancing our generosity and honesty.

Saturn remains in responsible, shrewd, strong-willed Scorpio, until the end of 2014. Saturn travels Retrograde for this week, giving a need for privacy, external influences may influence us more than usual.

Uranus remains in assertive, blunt, energetic, self-willed Aries, for several years, and can make us individualistic and rebellious, unexpected events or disruptive emotional matters, may distract us, or help us see things differently.

Neptune remains in sensitive, intuitive Pisces for the foreseeable future, and helps us gradually develop more empathy, compassion, and build understanding, in a wide variety of ways, but also indicates a need to remain realistic. Neptune is now traveling Retrograde until Mid December, indicating boundaries between reality and illusion may blur at times, causing possible confusion, with a need to look at people and situations realistically.

Pluto remains in Capricorn for quite a few years, so is a very long term influence, showing knowledge gradually acquired on deeper levels, with balance, & realistic ways of recycling & developing our intuitive knowledge further, to use practically. Pluto travels Retrograde until late September, with a relentless search for inner truth, furthering our self knowledge approached the right way.


Planetary Aspects This Week

Sun and Jupiter conjunct until Thursday – Better self esteem and enthusiasm, but moderation is important.

Sun square Mars and Uranus – Patience is helpto to avoid over-impulsive behaviour. Lots of ideas but possibly impractical behaviour at times.

Sun trine Saturn – Great skills in dealing with personal responsibilities.

Sun inconjunct Moon Tuesday – Possible stress in personal relations with loved ones or friends.

Sun trine Moon Thursday – Natural reactions encourage success.

Sun square Moon Saturday – Self expression may conflict with family situations.


Moon sextile Uranus Monday – Quick emotional responses and a great rapport with people.

Moon square Saturn Monday – Seriousness, and a need to avoid negativity.

Moon trine Mars Monday and Tuesday – Constructive actions and positive dealings with others.

Moon trine Venus Tuesday – Trust and security in relations with other people.

Moon conjunct Neptune Wednesday – A need for stimulating challenges, to avoid boredom.

Moon sextile Pluto Wednesday – An innate ability to understand and respond to others.

Moon trine Saturn Wednesday – Honesty with a sense of responsibility.

Moon square Venus Thursday – A need for freedom of movement, without feeling tied by circumstances.

Moon conjunct Uranus Friday – Deep intuition, but possible mood swings too.

Moon square Mercury and Pluto Friday – Possible conflict between feelings and logic can cause confusion.

Moon opposite Mars Saturday – It can be hard to compromise in close relationships.

Moon sextile Mercury Sunday – Thoughtfulness and sensitivity shown to others.

Moon sextile Neptune Sunday – Empathy, sensitivity and understanding towards others.

Moon square Jupiter Sunday – Generosity and self indulgence, can lead to a shortfall of funds.

Moon trine Pluto Sunday – Emotional problems handled positively using willpower.

Moon opposite Saturn Sunday – A negative mental attitude can restrict spontaneous ideas.


Mercury trine Neptune – A practical idealistic outlook with a spontaneous mental attitude too.

Mercury conjunct Venus from Saturday – Generally an affable manner with good social skills.


Venus trine Mars up to Friday – Affection, warmth and congenial relations with friends and loved ones.

Venus trine Neptune from Saturday – Kindness and empathy with a rather romantic outlook.


Mars square Jupiter till Friday – A need to avoid extremes of behaviour and find a balance.

Mars opposite Uranus till Wednesday – A need for mental stimulation, challenges are readily accepted.


Jupiter inconjunct Neptune from Saturday – Possible distortion between intellect and emotions at times and a need to balance these.


Saturn and Pluto still sextile – A deeper sense of inevitable changes and transformation.

Saturn inconjunct Uranus – Probable difficulty at times establishing priorities in obligations that are undertaken.


Uranus square Pluto – A need for freedom and independence, and tendencies to rebel against interactions that feel too close for comfort.


Neptune and Pluto sextile long term – A need for positive reactions to circumstances and general changes that occur within society.


ARIES 21 March – 20 April
You enjoy family time, feeling more secure at home. You may worry about a relative. You’re drawn to intellectual people. From Saturday you feel close to loved ones. You seek a balance with a partner, enjoying quality family time. From Thursday you’re great company. You’re purposeful, concentrate, & are original, but erratic & contemplative, focus on career progress.

TAURUS 21 April – 21 May
You need to get out & about & mix with other people. You’re chatty, curious & edgy. You may spend on luxury items. From Saturday you need good relations with others. You need stimulation & balance at work, are alert & enthusiastic. From Thursday you’re happiest at home.  You support your partner, are intuitive, & view friends idealistically, but have inflexible views.

GEMINI 22 May – 21 June
You need to appear successful, & may spend or invest more. You’re astute with money. You’re charismatic & peaceable. From Saturday you seek security & luxury items. You’re vigorous, eager & spontaneous, cleverly investing money. From Thursday you seek to improve your mind.  You may ignore health issues, are original, friendly & ambitious, but emotional or obsessive.

CANCER 22 June – 23 July
You may react very sensitively to people & situations. You express yourself astutely. You may feel unwanted. From Saturday your charm makes you popular. You may try to control family matters & are enthusiastic & optimistic. From Thursday you may consider investing money. You’re creative, innovative & professional, but naive, & may manipulate your partner at times.

LEO 24 July – 23 August
You feel deeply intuitive & can rely on your instincts. Your mind & emotions may clash. You have a close bond with friends. From Saturday you may be more emotional. You speak your mind abrasively, & need privacy on occasion. From Thursday your enthusiasm inspires others. You may feel insecure & seek stimulus, are ingenious, & should look at ongoing health issues.

VIRGO 24 August – 23 September
You enjoy socialising with your close friends. You’re drawn to intellectual people. You may have many career goals. From Saturday you’re an affectionate, caring friend. You’re acquisitive, financially astute, & inspiring. From Thursday you’re selfless but private. You’re reliable & focused, argue about joint money, are vague to a partner, but emotional & passionate.

LIBRA 24 September – 23 October
You focus on your goals, & aim high for success. You’re methodical & reliable. You’re drawn to faraway places. From Saturday you have professional responsibility. You’re competitive & resolute, motivated & proficient. From Thursday you’re inspiring to friends. You money may be limited, dislike partnership restrictions, should watch your health, & are changeable at home.

SCORPIO 24 October – 22 November
You enjoy getting away from it all, or leaning more. You may lack concentration. You feel emotionally intense. From Saturday you want to expand your horizons. You’re empathetic but covert, philosophical & knowledgeable. From Thursday you’re driven to succeed professionally. You lack confidence, are innovative & overly imaginative, curious but preoccupied by detail.

SAGITTARIUS 23 November – 21 December
You feel intuitive, but emotionally overwhelmed. You astutely manage business issues. You share a close bond with a partner. From Saturday you may feel intense or jealous. You enjoy mixing & socialising, & easily make money. From Thursday you’re positive & philosophical. You’re introspective & creative, with a busy home life, but are competent & financially astute.

CAPRICORN 22 December – 20 January
You feel happy & quite positive with your partner. You communicate well with them. You need a balanced working life. From Saturday you feel close in a partnership. You focus on personal ambitions, & are happy with a partner. From Thursday you can make money in business. You may meet old friends, home life is erratic, you’re vague, & inscrutable, but have great potential.

AQUARIUS 21 January – 19 February
You put in a great deal of effort & support at work. You’re practical & responsible. You feel flirtatious & positive. From Saturday you need harmony with colleagues. You’re innovative, seeking challenges, & ambitious. From Thursday you feel really happy with a partner. You’re responsible, have many ideas, are financially vulnerable, but focused, secretive & tense at times.

PISCES 20 February – 20 March
You really enjoy your leisure time & getting out. You communicate positively. You enjoy spending time with loved ones. From Saturday you aim for some luxuries. You work best alone, & are charismatic. From Thursday you’re supportive to others. You’re wary of changes, erratic with money, self deceptive, & have ongoing challenging friendships to deal with.


Bev TaylorDisclaimer
I can’t guarantee anything shown on these horoscopes, they can only offer general information, as written by Beverley Taylor or Astrologymix so please note that they should be considered for entertainment purposes only. However I do make every effort to ensure the information I give is as accurate as possible. If you do have any queries please feel free to contact me.

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