kiho alu playerHe la nani keia la, i hoakahi kahi ke aloha.  E loa ke ola he nani no ia. Kai ana ke aloha no na po e.  Mahalo ke Akua hoʻohoihoi me ko’u ola pomaika’i na mea pau.

Translation: Today is a beautiful day, be one in love. May life be long because Life is a good thing. Go forth and spread the aloha. Thank you God. I am pleased with my life, that all things are blessed.

This is an ancient proverb from the ‘Olelo no’eau. This proverb is about your direction in life. If you have no direction in your life, you will get nowhere … or, if you are going nowhere, you are definitely guaranteed to get there. It’s good to have and find your purpose in life: to have dreams and goals. God put you here for a reason and a season. Some may be granted longer life than others, but it is not for us to question when God calls us home. While we are here on this side of the Veil, we need to give of ourselves to others and help those in need. Don’t just sit there and allow life to fade away. I know we get tangled in life’s trials, but don’t let negativity suck the life from you. Life is short, so make it count. Life is good, so please please live it to the fullest everyday, not just the length but the breadth of it, too.


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