Seeds for Meditation ~

2hummersIs it possible to act at all times without a purpose?


Questioner:  For truth to come, you advocate action without idea. Is it possible to act at all times without idea, that is, without a purpose in view?

Krishnamurti:  I am not advocating anything. I am not a propagandist, political or religious. I am not inviting you to any new experience. All that we are doing is trying to find out what action is. You are not following me to find out. If you do, then you will never find out. You are only following me verbally. But if you want to find out, if you as an individual want to find out what idea and action are, you have to inquire into it, and not accept my definition or my experience, which may be utterly false. As you have to find out, you have to put aside the whole idea of following, pursuing, advocating, propagandist, leader or example.

Let us therefore find out together what we mean by action without idea. Please give your thought to it. Don’t say, ‘I do not understand what you are talking about.’ Let us find out together. It may be difficult, but let us go into it.


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