Seeds for Meditation


“To attain enlightenment you have to see your nature. unless you see your nature, all this talk about cause and effect is nonsense. Buddhas don’t practice nonsense. A Buddha is free of karma, free of cause and effect. to say he attains anything at all is to slander a Buddha.  What could he possibly attain? Even focusing on a mind, a power, an understanding or a view is impossible for a Buddha.  A Buddha isn’t one-sided. The nature of his No-Mind is basically empty, neither pure nor impure. He’s free of practice and realization. He’s free of cause and effect. A Buddha doesn’t observe precepts.  A Buddha doesn’t do good or evil.  A Buddha isn’t energetic or lazy.  A Buddha is someone who does nothing, someone who can’t even focus his mind on a Buddha.”

~ Bodhidharma


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