The Unlikely Pair

lions3His world is woven with the threads of cause and effect; she makes her choices with no need for reason.

He questions every premise; she accepts with complete certitude.

His world revolves around his own good; hers around that which has greater gravitational pull.

Yet, without one another, neither is complete, neither can find it’s own essence or know its own truth.

Superficially, they seem impossibly incompatible.

At their core, intellect and faith are the perfect marriage.


What is the basis for your Faith and your Truth?

Seeds for Meditation


“To attain enlightenment you have to see your nature. unless you see your nature, all this talk about cause and effect is nonsense. Buddhas don’t practice nonsense. A Buddha is free of karma, free of cause and effect. to say he attains anything at all is to slander a Buddha.  What could he possibly attain? Even focusing on a mind, a power, an understanding or a view is impossible for a Buddha.  A Buddha isn’t one-sided. The nature of his No-Mind is basically empty, neither pure nor impure. He’s free of practice and realization. He’s free of cause and effect. A Buddha doesn’t observe precepts.  A Buddha doesn’t do good or evil.  A Buddha isn’t energetic or lazy.  A Buddha is someone who does nothing, someone who can’t even focus his mind on a Buddha.”

~ Bodhidharma