Health ~ Black Seed Oil: Protection In A Toxic World

read full article here
read full article here

This highly prized culinary spice has powerfully protective health properties as well…

Our bodies are increasingly exposed to an array of different toxic substances in daily life. These come from chemicals we have become dependent on for almost everything from protecting our crops to delivering safe water and packaging our food.

Many of these chemicals are known to cause us harm in high concentrations and our continuous exposure to them may explain some of the heath dilemmas we face today. Scientists have implicated environmental chemicals in increasing cancer rates, plummeting fertility, increases in obesity, respiratory illness, depression, autism, attention deficit hyperactivity and fibromyalgia to name but a few.

Apart from isolating yourself to an organic commune and existing purely on a raw vegan organic diet, is there anything else you can do to protect your health?

In this series of articles we will examine the harmful effects of chemicals present in our environments and the potential role for black seed oil to protect us from them.

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