Seeds For Meditation … Expression

flowers_lotus 10

It will not be of benefit to isolate and confine the aspects of your true self. As you release and trust to what you find as are joyous, sensual and stimulating. By combining these components you will bring others together and accomplish great things . . . together. Identify your community. Seek who is it in your tribe of fellows that will join or follow you on the good road to completion and compassion. Once found, inspire their movement, point out their talents, and be supportive. Such combining and nurturing will create a link of minds and hearts that can achieve and bring into reality what is needed for the betterment of yourself, and the world around you, as we move with enhanced understanding and acceptance toward the greater good. Trying to go it alone at this point would be an error, and would only produce a minuscule part of the greater whole that awaits you.

It is the penetration into your own resistance that will reveal many of life’s mysteries, which will be shown to you and will be surprisingly clear and simple to understand. In doing this, you will be able to reach inside and move past the old, tired programming of ego, birth family, school, church and state that would hinder you with guilt, shame, and blame. If you allow it to, this can be a turnaround time in your basic psychology and physiology. The elixir for you in these times will come from the sharing of joy through excitement about what is in your view and what lies ahead.

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