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3-30-15 055

Easter is just around the corner and millions of people will be taking to the local mega marts for gobs of eggs and egg dying kits.  But what about those of us who almost exclusively eat brown eggs?  Can they still be colored just as beautifully?  To find the answer we started with our usual egg supplier – The Hen Pen in Napa, CA.  We normally only receive brown eggs in our order but somehow our order got mixed up with another and voila! we ended up with some white eggs too.  YAY!  No shopping at the mega mart for white eggs to complete the eggsperiment!

3-30-15 033

And so we gathered our professional egg testers at our friends’ house and let the eggsperiment begin.  The egg dye kits come with 5 different colors so we used 5 white eggs and 5 brown eggs and let them soak in the dye for…

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