21-Day Technology Challenge: Day 10 ~ Reconnect In-Person With Someone

reconnectionRelationships are built on small, consistent deposits of time.  –Andy Stanley
Reconnect In Person With Someone: The jury is still out– and will be for a long time– on whether constant, instant connectivity is a net gain or loss for society. But on a personal level, most of us have had our share of online insults, whether intentionally or accidentally. How many of us still regret that slip of the finger that led to hitting ‘send’ instead of ‘save’ on an email? If you’ve developed etiquette for such incidents, do share. :)) Yet perhaps the greatest cause of e-pain is omission, not commission. That is, being inattentive or missing in action from those around us. Today, think of 3 people who are really close to you. Do a silent inventory to see if you have short-changed any of them of the pleasure of your company. Reach out to at least one of them today to schedule quality time together. On the flip-side, step-it-up by inviting those who have e-dropped out of your life to reconnect. Their absence from you was probably no more intentional than your absence from them.

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