Tarot Contemplation – The Devil

the Devil Tarot Tara greene

Just like the Death card, the Devil isn’t a scary card … it is a sign that you need to look beyond the superficial appearance of things to get to the deeper truth of the situation within.  And, as with any situation or relationship with which (or whom) you feel restrained, you ultimately hold the keys to the answers inside your heart.  So, don’t give up hope because there are always options available to you … it’s always your choice.  You are traveling yet another path of the Fool’s journey toward more expansive horizons, and so it is natural to feel that you are not in control of your present situation.  For every action (or inaction!) there is a definite reaction.  Now is not the time to sit on your laurels or in a corner and choose to do nothing.  Make small moves in this now … that is forward movement … and allow yourself the feeling that you are in control.  Consider the trade-offs of moving away from situations or relationships that are familiar, but now uncomfortable because they constrain you.  You aren’t trapped unless you consent to being trapped.  What are you afraid of experiencing if you move away from the familiar?  Allow your ambition to empower you to act upon what is truly within your heart.

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