Tarot Contemplation – The Devil

the Devil Tarot Tara greene

Don’t let what you think this card is all about frighten you, because you couldn’t be farther from the truth behind it.  Yes, it’s about bondage … of a kind … but it’s more about a metaphoric or internal bondage of Spirit.  Look beyond superficial appearances and go deeper into the truth and meaning of a situation.  You also are asked to remember that when yo’re feeling restrained you nearly always hold the keys to your own freedom.  Don’t give up hope!  Remember that no matter what your situation, you always have options and choice.  Don’t allow others to tell you that your options are limited.  On the other hand, it’s another matter if you come to that perspective on your own.  Regardless, it will be crucial to remember that you can free yourself from whatever restrictions are holding you back … at any time you choose to do so.  You might not be feeling in control of your life as a result of not so much your actions, but rather as a byproduct of inaction.  Be proactive; take action, take whatever steps you can to give yourself the feeling, however, slight, of being in control.  Even if that is merely making a choice on what you are going to have for dinner.  Small moves are important.  Keeping a positive mindset is of the utmost importance right now.  Positive affirmations are important and will benefit you.  Take a look at who you surround yourself with.  Are there upbeat, positive people in your midst, or overly critical, fault-finding people who nitpick you to the point of depression?  Take stock, then take action.  Life is short and you’re burnin’ daylight, Partner.

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