Tarot Contemplation – Knight of Pentacles


In case you missed him last week, here he is again.  This Knight of Pentacles is bringing encouraging news of a practical nature.  Today’s theme is “sticking to the basics”.  Pentacles is the tarot suit governing materiality, and the Knight represents a grounding influence.  Now is not the time to color beyond the lines, so to speak.  Sticking to procedure at work serves you best at this time.  In money matters, you will be enriched from unexpected sources … perhaps a lucky Lotto ticket or a raise … but, don’t quit your day job.  That said, today is not a good day for gambling or any other financial risk.  Spiritually, you might be feeling a bit overwhelmed from the insights bombarding you the other day.  Try breaking down those chunks into manageable nuggets because it isn’t necessary to decipher your entire life in one evening.  You are in the midst of change:  change for the better.

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