Tarot Contemplation – Eight of Swords


You might be feeling trapped or limited today.  You are probably thinking that you have no viable options available.  You may feel weakened by the circumstances in your life, or by others’ opinions of you.  It is quite likely that the limitations you feel are self-imposed.  You are imprisoned by your own thinking more than anything.  How you use your mind is your choice:  you can use your thoughts to keep you trapped, or you can use them to cut through limitations.  Ask yourself what you get out of remaining “stuck”and what you could gain if you were to move forward.  Often, all that is needed to get unstuck is the courage to think in a new way.  So, if you’re feeling limited or victimized today, examine the stories you tell yourself. It’s likely that you’ll discover that it’s your own inner critic, or wounded inner child, that is stopping you from moving forward more than any external force.  You hold the key to your own progress.

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