Tarot Contemplation – Seven of Swords


What serves your own ends right now, even if the means are deceptive or manipulative?  It just might be that you literally stole something from another, or someone has stolen from you.  It could be that you are sneaking around behind someone’ back, or that someone is not being upfront with you.  You could be stealing time for yourself, playing hooky in order to be alone with your thoughts or to avoid confrontation.  Using clever mind tricks to get what you want is indicated by the Seven of Swords.  Sometimes, manipulating a situation to get our way is what is called for.  However, there is a warning here to be mindful of how your actions impact those involved.  Research is sometimes indicated by this card:  collecting the ideas of others for your own work.  Check citations carefully.  Perhaps you are plagued by guilt over something you’ve done, or even something you are thinking of doing.  If this is the case, look for a more honorable way to achieve what you want.  There may be time to correct the situation.  Today is a good day to keep things to yourself.  Spend time examining your thoughts carefully before speaking out.  You may find that your motivation is less than honorable, or that the more research is required to learn the truth.

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