Open Enrollment at The Halau!

In celebration of Spring Equinox, I am again offering learning opportunities for Halau members here to learn metaphysical skills that benefit you and all those with whom you come into contact. You may or may not realize it, but this place is not a hula school, but a mystery school … as in, offering educational opportunities beyond high school in the direction of unraveling life mysteries such as clairsentience, energy work and self-mastery. Enrolled students receive one-on-one instruction, complete with manuals, via video chat media. All students who successfully complete our programs receive certificates of completed study. I am opening up enrollment into our Mentorship Program for the following areas of studying:

– Hawaiian Shamanism

– Energy Healing, i.e., Reiki Basics training in both Usui Teate (trad. Japanese methods from Usui’s home association in Japan) and Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki (Western Reiki/Takata system that most are familiar with)

– Reiki Grandmastership (to 18th degree GM)**

– Reiki Mastery Recertification*

– Reiki Grandmastership Recertification

– Crystals Mastery (non-Reiki)

– Crystals Reiki and Gridwork*

– Ethereal Crystals *

– Medicine Buddha Reiki *

– Tachyon (Orgonite) Reiki *

– Mahatma Ascension/Kundalini Reiki series (108 attunements that include empowerments to connect with Archangelic and Ascended Masters energies!)*

– Money Reiki

– Tarot Basics

– Learning Meditation

– Melchizedek Priesthood Seminary (cosmic spiritualism as related through the study of sacred geometry, light colors, cymatics and Ascended Masters energies)

* pre-requisite: Usui Reiki basics to Level 3 (proof of certification required)
** pre-requisite: Usui Teate Reiki mastery to Level 4

Classes range in length from one session/2 hours, 4 weeks and up to 4-9 months for the more advanced courses, i.e., Grandmastership and Seminary training.

Tuition payments received through PayPal ( complete the enrollment process.

Connect with us via the contact form, below, to begin your enrollment and let’s get started today!

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