Energy Update || Sky Right After A Flash Of Light 12/27-28/18


After the eclipse will be more lights in the sky. And then a blast of energy/plasma.

I didnt get to pull over in time because of traffic & it was fast but there was a flash of bright blue then pink light.. then again on my way (back in the car) I saw a crazy pink light (i can see energy clairvoyantly, but this was different and others saw it and were pulling over to take videos/pics).  This is in New England USA. Not New York. I don’t think it was the same thing as NY transformer fire- this was around 4pm and was like an energy wave/flash.

NY blue light transformer is a programming tool. Predictive programming. To download info into the collective unconscious to manifest an ‘”event” by default. Nothing happens by chance in this matrix, all by design at a collective level. They move through timelines using 4D, like synchronicity. All number, astronomy, cycles, frequencies, time dimensions

My guidance never steers me wrong, (I may differently though) but there’s a massive energy wave/energy shift on the way. Not just talking about the astrology either or the eclipses. This is coming from beyond our Sun. I’m 100%.

Higher frequencies coming in will be hard for many to handle mentally/emotion that are not aware of the Upliftment in density taking place.

Some are choosing to resist or check out. But most will resist only until they see the unconscious/programming.

WE, INDIVIDUALLY AND AS A COLLECTIVE, CONTROL THIS REALITY, WE ARE THE CREATORS. And it doesn’t take much focused thought/intent to shift an experience/timeline the more we do this by staying out of duality. Duality within then we project, is how they have kept us stuck.

Frequencies can cause eye twitching too😜

Thank you for the ones holding the Discord server down! there are quite a few other channels that now have made a Discord server over the last few months, so you can join their chats too! I havent been on much over the last few months but as soon as things calm down in my life ill be able to chat before bed each night on the server.

And thank you for holding the FB group down & Patreon support as well!

***I will be doing what I can w/ messages over the next week or so. My mom’s last days- hospice. For Refunds: send request through paypal and not through email so I will see it. I check it every 3-4 days. *but cannot resend payment once refund is issued if you change your mind unless I open back up for personals again in the future- I have not decided yet. For those needing to get intouch about personal already purchased, please send request through as well, its the easiest way-(i wont see it in email) and Please add date of birth, location/time of birth in your info note through paypal along w updated info on questions for reading if you want me to look at the astrology & dasa cycle along with the reading. I am still doing my work, just the schedule is different and things change day to day right now. And I will be posting when im able. Xo
Richie From Boston

NEW YORK CITY — Had a flood of blue light and an explosion, and of course Authorities said “not to worry” its just a transformer. Well we have seen the blue lights before and every time its tied to a fire. or worse.

And, did you receive an emergency alert call on your cell phones last night warning that the 911 Emergency Alert system is not functioning? What??

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