Reader: More from Greg Rubini — The Fate of US Intelligence Agencies

Submitted to Operation Disclosure | Anonymously

The 4 Intelligence Agencies that will remain are:
– NSA (Sigint)
– NRO (Space, Satellites)
– DIA (Mil Intel)
– FBI (domestic Intel – under DOJ)

All the other useless 13 Agencies will cease to exist. These 4 Intel Agencies will report directly
to the (restructured and shrinked) National Security Council.

The National Security Council will brief the President.

The ONI (US Navy Intel), INSCOM (US Army Intel), 25th AF (US Air Force Intel) will all be incorporated into the DIA (Mil Intel) the NSA will be totally re-organized, and shrunk.

The NSA will not more be allowed to spy on innocent citizens, not at home, neither abroad.

The NSA will spy only on criminals and dangerous (defined) targets. The CIA will be totally dismantled, and thrown to the trash. Several (not all) the crimes committed by the CIA – since 1947 – will be exposed.

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