Astrology | June 27, 2020 – Mars in Aries

Mars is the planet the rules Aries and + was the traditional ruler of Scorpio and is the planet of determination, aggression, war. In Roman mythology, ars was the God of War Aries represents new beginnings and is the sign that starts the spring.

Mars being in its home sign will boost our physical energy and heighten our drive, ambition and also for some of us, aggression.

Mars represents the yang, masculine force, so in Aries this can trigger this aspect of ourselves. We also need to be mindful that we are in a retrograde phase with many planets, so some energy will be slowing us down as well.

Mars in Aries energy is great for starting a new workout and exercise practice as well as moving forward with our intentions and goals. However we need to mindful of how we do this and not let our Ego be the driving force. Mars and Aries are about our identity and our physical form, so we can easily get caught up in our own needs and instincts.

Practice mindful movement, be aware of your energy and how you go about achieving your goals.

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