Health and Food || Cancer-Linked Glyphosate Found In Cheerios, Doritos, Oreos, and More

General Mills’ Cheerios are one of the first solid foods many parents feed to their children. They’re small, convenient and easy to chew — and there’s even a section on the Cheerios website for “new parents who have invited … original Cheerios to introduce their children to finger foods.”1  […]

Source: Cancer-Linked Glyphosate Found In Cheerios, Doritos, Oreos, and More

Musings …

“You must remember that you are never alone, even if you feel abandoned and misunderstood by family and friends. You have spirit guides who are there for you every step of the way. They are loyal friends who shower you with unconditional love even when you don’t hear or follow their advice. They are the best friends you will ever have, and you only need to sit quietly in meditation to feel their presence and hear their guidance.” — Garnet Michael Schulhauser, Dance of Eternal Rapture

No Coffee, Astrology guidance

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

Feb 12 The Mars/Uranus conjunction is later today in PDT/ Feb 13 EST and GMT at the last degree of ARIES. This is high-octane angry aggressive chaotic energy. NO COFFEE FOR YOU.

posiitve fire power Astrology Tara Greene charcoal drawing with acrylic and oil paint on wood by Napoleon Brousseau

At the same time, we are feeling CHIRON the wounded healer also at the 29th degree of the last degree of the entire Zodiac in PISCES. We are in the last 6 days of Chiron in Pisces and I am feeling the pressure of it all acutely except that it ain’t cute. How are you all doing?

Chiron is in sextile still to the SOUTH NODE in CAPRICORN @ 25 degrees. These 2 create a 3rd point a Finger of God or YOD aspect to 25-29 degrees LEO.

The famous American Solar Eclipse of August 21 2017 was at 29 Leo. Eclipses radiate a shadow trigger anytime…

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Lāʻau Lāpaʻau || Hydrogen Peroxide Can Clear Ear Infections and Remove Ear Wax – Here’s How to Use it 

Many of us keep a bottle of hydrogen peroxide in the household remedy kit. According to HealthLine: “Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is a clear, colorless, odorless liquid. It’s a combination of hydrogen and oxygen and is available in many strengths (indicated by the percentage of dilution with water). One dilution of hydrogen peroxide is 35 percent […]

Source: Hydrogen Peroxide Can Clear Ear Infections and Remove Ear Wax – Here’s How to Use it – Healthy Food House

Daily Words of the Buddha for February 12, 2019

Pāli Word a Day for February 12, 2019 — tulita — weighed, estimated, compared, gauged, considered

Yo ca vassasataṃ jīve
dussīlo asamāhito
ekāhaṃ jīvitaṃ seyyo
sīlavantassa jhāyino.

Better it is to live
one day virtuous and meditative
than to live a hundred years
immoral and uncontrolled.

Dhammapada 8.110
The Dhammapada: The Buddha’s Path of Wisdom, translated from Pāli by Acharya Buddharakkhita

The Pagan Origins of Valentine’s Day:  What They Never Told You

I recently discovered some interesting facts about Valentine’s Day’s history. You are going to be surprised: this apparently commercial and consumerism-oriented holiday takes its roots from a very old pagan festival. It used to be celebrated by the ancient Romans under the name of Lupercalia.  […]

Source: The Pagan Origins of Valentine’s Day: What They Never Told You


Susan Levitt

charming tigerWhat is the best charm for 2019 Pig year? A TIGER charm! You want the full body charm, not just a Tiger head. But no Tiger charm if you were born in Monkey year because Monkey is opposite Tiger.

Pig is most compatible with Pig’s harmony trine of artistic and sensitive like-minded souls Pig, Rabbit, and Sheep. Tiger is the one other animal sign who is Pig’s ally outside Pig’s harmony trine.
Each year, the lucky charm is the animal sign who is the ally, but not in the harmony trine.

Charms can be worn as jewelry, attached to a handbag, worn in your pocket, or placed in your clothing or wallet.
You can find a Tiger charm in the Chinatown in your city, or look online. Tiger is superb for protection. But if you find that Tiger energy makes you too argumentative, or brings a short temper, then remove…

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12 Places Your Body Stores Stress and What They Reveal About Your Emotions

Millions of people suffer from chronic pain, without being aware that one of its main cause can be stress.  Latest studies show that people who struggle with anxiety and stress constrict their muscles, which causes fatigue and cramps, headaches and IBS. According to the American Institute of Stress: “Stress is a natural physical and mental reaction […]

Source: 12 Places Your Body Stores Stress and What They Reveal About Your Emotions – Healthy Food House

Weekly Astrology February 11-17

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

An allegory of Alchemy Circle of Bartholomaus Spranger (Antwerp 1546-1611 Prague) Public Domain An allegory of Alchemy Circle of Bartholomaus Spranger (Antwerp 1546-1611 Prague) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons Feb 11 Today is another grounded easy aspect day under a stable Taurus Moon trining Venus in Capricorn. Gotta love them Taurus and Capricorn, Virgo can benefit from this too.

Moon sweetly sextiles Neptune in Pisces another dream enhancing energy. Don’t eat rich foods before going to bed.


Taurus Moon trines Saturn and later Pluto in Capricorn. Moon makes one snarly inconjunct to Jupiter in Sagittarius which may make travel, flying, arranging things and the feeling that no one gets your jokes frustrating. Moon squares Sun we’re halfway to another Moon cycle. 


MARS conjunct URANUS in ARIES @ 29th degree  ****

On the 12th PDT @ 10:21 pm on the13th @ 1:21 am EST/ 7:21 am GMT

Before we hear all the bad puns.  EXPECT…

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Current Events || Trump signs $55 billion bill to give vets more healthcare options, VA overhaul and more

President Trump on Wednesday signed the VA Mission Act, a new bill that seeks to overhaul the Department of Veterans Affairs and provide more healthcare options to veterans. The $55 billion bill will change how the VA pays for private care, expand a VA caregiver program for pre-9/11 vets and start the process of reviewing the overall infrastructure of the VA itself. The bill saw overwhelming bipartisan support last month passing in both chambers of Congress, and the legislation follows through with one of Trump’s major campaign promises to allow veterans more options for healthcare in the private sector. “In the campaign, I also promised that we would fight for Veterans Choice,” Trump said in a speech before signing the bill. “It just seemed to be common sense.” “It seemed like if they’re waiting on line for nine days and they can’t see a doctor, why aren’t they going outside to see a doctor and take care of themselves, and we pay the bill? It’s less expensive for us, it works out […]

Source: Trump signs $55 billion bill to give vets more healthcare options, VA overhaul and more

Card of the Day- Knight of Pentacles – Monday, February 11, 2019

Tarot by Cecelia

Under today’s Taurus Moon, do you know how it affects you and how you will react? Our Knight of Pentacles, who very much embodies Taurus energy, is reliable, slow-moving (you see him sitting on the snail), and very down-to-earth. If used properly on this Monday, you can work in a thorough, meticulous manner, knowing that doing the job right the first time, and with proper care, avoids the necessity to redo things down the line.

Pretty much how this card translates for you today is dependent upon the attitude you wake up with on Monday morning. Taurus can be a hard worker with a fabulous reputation, or not. It is also possible under this Moon to be a bit of a slacker, which may not go over well with coworkers if they feel you are not pulling your weight. For the most part, I feel you can put this card…

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Health and Medicine || Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

Arizona State Senator Paul Boyer has introduced Senate Bill 1115, requiring health care professionals to provide a full list of vaccine ingredients and side effects to adults and parents of minors  […]

Source: Arizona Bill Proposes Full Disclosure of Vaccine Ingredients and Side Effects

Asian Foodstyles || Traditional White Sugar Rice Cake (白糖糕 bai tang gao) with Just Rice + Sugar + Water and Yeast

White sugar rice cake (白糖糕 bai tang gao) is a traditional Chinese pastry made from white rice, sugar, water and yeast.

The cake is normally snow white in color with moist and spongy texture. The taste is sweet and sometime slightly sour due to fermentation of rice batter.

There is a very similar version of this cake in Vietnam call bánh bò which add coconut milk to the ingredients.

Recipe here:

Mercury in Pisces Retrograde Guide

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

pisces rebirth art Tara Greene Napoleon Brousseau Sorrow painting by Napoleon Brousseau

Mercury enters PISCES the sign of psychic energy, compassion, endings, fog, creativity, bliss, addictions, mental illness, glamour, projection, yoga and karma February 10-until April 17.


March 5/PST 6th in EDT and GMT @ 29 PISCES the most karmic degree of the Zodiac until March 28 @ 16+ Pisces.

Expect to hear from long lost departed ones in your dreams. Be very careful about old addictions haunting you too. Old creative projects can be picked up and finished off quickly again.

Note Uranus enters Taurus for the next 7 years as Mercury turns Retrograde March 6, 2019. Uranus is”higher octave” of Mercury.

SUN conjuncts MERCURY on March 14/15 and then squares Jupiter in the 15th 

Mercury conjuncts Neptune on the 24th Retrograde a very spiritual day

This can be the best of transits and the worst. Dazed and confused, Rehab, or soul…

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