Foodstyles | Strawberry Lemon Shortcake Poke Cake and the Supermarket Ponzi Scheme

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When life hand you lemons you make lemon curd.  With that lemon curd you make this cake!

strawberry lemonade

I call this the supermarket ponzi scheme because every once in a while a recipe book will call to you at the check stand.  Like this one –  The Poke Cake Cookbook.  Seems innocent, right?

book cover

$40s in boxed ingredients later and suddenly the kitchen looks like we’re prepping for end times with cake mixes, pudding and Jell-O.  Actually, I think the Author, Jamie Sherman, may just own a ton of stock in Jell-O.  She’s a crazy mad poke cake GENIUS.  Once you start baking these delicious cakes, you can’t stop.  Here is one of the favorites so far.

strawberry lemonade 2Strawberry Lemon Shortcake Poke Cake

1 lb, fresh strawberries, hulled and sliced (reserving a few for garnish)
Juice of 1 lemon
1/4 cup granulated sugar
1 box yellow cake
1 3 oz package strawberry Jell-O…

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This Infographic Visualizes The History Of Pandemics By Death Toll 

Researchers are struggling to find an effective solution to flatten the curve and prevent the rapid spread of the novel virus that terrified the world. Governments have issued many safety measures, and claim that if we are disciplined, we can dramatically contribute to the combat against the coronavirus. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recently […]

Source: This Infographic Visualizes The History Of Pandemics By Death Toll – Healthy Food House

Energy Update | March 23, 2020, with Matt Kahn

by Matt Kahn

During this time of collective uncertainty, it is helpful to validate your experience to alleviate any form of alienation due to the differing experiences and viewpoints had by so many at this time. For the past month (and even prior) leading up to the COVID-19 announcement, many light workers, empaths, and energetically-sensitive souls had been receiving a deep inner calling to withdraw and go inward. Like an energetic form of cocooning, many of us were being energetically prepared for the light we would be shining and anchoring as coronavirus and economic pressures became known. During this time, you might have felt as if you were more drawn to be in your own space and spend much time alone, and/or in nature, than to be around those who still identified with the densities readying to be healed. For many, this might have brought up feelings of insecurity and inferiority– or feelings viewed as arrogant, judgmental and self righteous by those having different experiences– along with opportunities to face patterns of enmeshment and co-dependency head on.

No matter how ill-equipped you feel in explaining yourself to those who are having very different experiences than you, it is essential to follow the directives of your inner guidance no matter how socially unacceptable, or even offensive, it seems to others around you.

For the past month, light workers have been challenged with being more mindful with their time, often not drawn to spend time or resonate with those who trigger exhaustion versus excitement. Such guidance has been helping many be more decisive and courageous in both their decision-making, boundaries, and communication of needs. More specifically, many people are unhooking from patterns of codependency by separating the difference between choice and judgment. Perhaps you are one of many who were conditioned to cater to other people’s experiences in the absence of serving your needs. As empaths, we are so tentative about triggering disapproval in others due to our uncanny ability to feel someone else’s experience within our bodies. Due to this intuitive gift, we often made choices to keep other people’s egos at bay, while resenting others for the little they gave in comparison to the ‘too much’ or ‘overcompensation’ codependent empaths tend to offer.

As a way of patching up the energy leaks in your field and cutting chords to the unconscious patterning in relationships, you have received many intuitions where you may have found yourself not resonating with the characters who drain you. As a way of seeing this as intuition versus judgment, it doesn’t mean any character is bad or ‘less than’. It is simply the case for those who have not become consciously aware of the infinite flowing life force energy of Source within themselves that such characters tend to balance themselves by ‘plugging into’ and draining your light versus turning inward and connecting within. While others may not appreciate less time around someone they may not realize they are energetically feeding off of, it has been and will continue to be essential for each of us to be true to the guidance of our feelings and mindful of where we spend our time. The more often we allow ourselves to be drained, the easier it is to be sucked into the fear of the collective as coronavirus has manifested to give humanity ample time and space to connect within– so to create a new reality where we connect in our wholeness without draining, or feeling drained by, others.

As a moment of relief for most light workers, through the suggestion of a personal quarantine to slow the spread of coronavirus, we now have the perfect invitation to continue rebuilding our life force energy for the light we are called to anchor in honor of our awakening humanity. I assure you humanity is steeped in a collective awakening, where the opportunity to transcend fear first comes from becoming more aware of it, which this current news headline era of reality has perfectly ushered in. While it is helpful to remind people to not drain their immune system by being steeped in fear, the most compelling way to convey such wisdom is through demonstration. As each of us rebuilds the reservoirs of energy throughout our field, much like the regular charging of a cell phone, we are able to withstand the gravity of other people’s fears without being swept away by patterns of scarcity and survival mode.

This brings up the current predicament most light workers are facing, which can be divided into two distinct categories. You may experience one or the other, or both. There are some empaths, who without time spent recharging their energy field through rest, time in nature, meditation, yoga, reading, deepening their self-love practice, or even creative expression, are lost in the densities of the collective. Instead of having to clear your field several times per day, always know it is your ability to recharge through greater moments of restful rejuvenation that allows your Angels the time and space to clear your energy field for you.

If wanting more tangible support in this area, simply declare out loud:

“Thank you beloved Angels for clearing my energy field and upgrading my reality while I take the time to rest and recharge. Thank you beloved Angels. Thank you.”

The other experience light workers are having involves a leap into greater faith while cultivating the courage to stand for their truth, even when it differs from the experiences of others. As a brilliant cosmic set-up for healing the throat, heart and solar plexus chakras of those in the first wave of ascension, it is purposeful to have characters in your life hypnotized by headlines and lost in the fear, panic, anxiety, and uncertainty of our rapidly changing reality. You are healing your throat chakra by having the right to express your viewpoint without needing to make others wrong in order for you to share what feels right to you. Your heart chakra opens and purges outdated densities while allowing other people’s viewpoints to be equally as valid as yours, even if their experience grossly differs from yours. Lastly, your solar plexus chakra receives healing and is upgraded as you sense exhaustion in the moment any interaction has reached its point of completion. Again, others don’t have to agree with your decisions when what matters is simply the guidance of what is best for the unique evolution ofyou.

This can be helpful guidance and support when so many aligned heart-centered beings are not steeped in chaos or worry. In fact, for many there is an inexplicable relief or excitement as we are finally experiencing the very Ascension that we have spent lifetimes preparing to explore. Many have felt alienated whenever sharing their experiences with those having a much more tumultuous time with the disruption of life’s rhythm of conditioning. Again, it is not your job to convince other people of anything, but is always essential to represent your viewpoint as equal to the opinions others may share. Even if others don’t agree or validate the credibility of your perception, it’s always a moment of profound growth when such transformation comes through the openness of your sharing, regardless of the response from others — even if their response is no response at all.

Together as One, united by our frequencies of light as the First Wave of Ascension, we break codependent patterns by returning to the truth of our experience, doing everything that is needed for our return to wholeness, while others learn how to rely on the light within themselves, now that we are no longer a space for others to drain. In the coming weeks, I will be providing additional resources and ‘repeat-after-me’ statements to assist the first wave in making these crucial shifts, so not to rely on humanity shifting before setting ourselves free.

Whether you are unsure if its okay to not be worried about coronavirus, despite the epidemic of concern consuming so many people, or find yourself too exhausted to transmute the energies many are purging, our focus remains solely focused on what each of us needs in order to get through the day and continue rebuilding our life force energy, allowing these huge evolutionary waves to carry us from one shore to the next, rather than topple us at every turn.

In service to your evolutionary needs, I will be posting Energy Updates more frequently, so you can focus on the highest spiritual priorities at hand while caring for yourself, your families and watching how this unprecedented event shakes out on so many levels. Please do whatever you can to not look too far ahead. All the options you need in order to awaken to full capacity are always found by answering the question:

What do I need right now?

While the answer may change from one moment to the next, this remains your best line of response to the fear-based patterning that our light is dissolving in all.

As always, on behalf of the Universe, I am with you every step of the way.

Victory of the light I AM now.

Day 9 – Locking it Down with CPM

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Do you know people who are sick? We do. An older family friend is ill. A relative in their 20’s. Neither of them knows what kind of illness they have. They just know to self-isolate and “come back in two weeks if you have the same symptoms”.

Are you following instructions, or being a Coviditot?

Covidiot: A person who ignores the warnings regarding public health or safety. Or, a person who hoards goods, denying them from neighbors. (Thanks for this gem, Urban Dictionary)

We’d like to implore everyone to do the right thing. If you’re not an essential worker or going out for essential needs… stay home. Stop hoarding. Order take out. Please encourage others to do the same. The longer we refuse to follow instructions, the longer we do this for. The longer we’re out of masks for nurses. The longer the kids are out of school.

Don’t have…

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Astrology | Saturn in Aquarius

Saturn is the planet of tradition, success, manifestation and goals. It is an earth sign that rules the 10th house of career and long-term success. Saturn is a planet that in mythology connected to Greek Cronus, the Father of time. Saturn is a realistic planet, that gives us time and structure and very important lessons. Therefore, its energy can sometimes feel heavy and disciplined.

Aquarius rules the 11th house which is all about groups, organisations, friends and the collective. It is future thinking, ground breaking and kinda unique. It is all about being that unique spark and through this creating a new world. It is utopian and also very humanitarian. It wants to have freedom to seek and enter new grounds and does not see life only from the perspective of the individual, but also from the perspective of all of mankind. It does not like traditions nor restrictions at this time and is willing to update and refresh old beliefs.

Aquarius is ruled by Uranus which is in Taurus since almost two years back. So we see the interaction between earth and air now as these major planets are in planets that they are normally not comfortable in. Uranus is disruption and innovation and breakthroughs, and this is going on as the

Saturn in Aquarius will limit us as a collective when it comes to how we gather, meet and organize ourselves. It restricts, but also helps make our innovations more grounded, earthed and manifested in the physical. We have the opportunity to focus and have patience in the New Age that we are in and as we are creating change we need to have patience and structure to create long-lasting change. When the bigger planets make a shift, a transit, it is more felt on a world level and in our lives as a collective, so we will sense and experience a lot of shifts. Since Aquarius is the future and higher technologies, there will be more focus and physical creation there.

La’au Lapa’au | Sweet Basil Essential Oil

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Basil Essential Oil is derived from the leaves of the Ocimum basilicum botanical, better known as the Basil herb. This plant receives its name from the Latin word basilius as well as the Greek word basilikón phutón, which means “royal plant,” hence Basil is also known as the Queen of Herbs or l’herbe royale, meaning “royal herb” in French. It may also be referred to as Saint Joseph’s Wort, Great Basil, European Basil, French Basil, Common Basil, or Sweet Basil.

Several religions and spiritual beliefs practice rituals that emphasize the significance of the use of Basil. In Judaism, traditional stories advocate the use of Basil for increased strength during times of fasting. In various Orthodox churches, Basil is often used to either sprinkle or prepare holy water. As well, pots of the herb are often positioned below church altars to pay reverence to the belief that it was…

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La’au Lapa’au | Bergamot Orange – March Herb of the Month

What do Earl Gray tea, the confection Turkish Delight, the liqueur Bergamia, eau de cologne, and some air fresheners have in common? The answer is: the essential oil from the bergamot orange, Citrus ×bergamia, The Herb Society of America’s Herb of the Month for March.  […]

Source: Bergamot Orange – March Herb of the Month

Astrology | Saturn Enters Aquarius 1 (2020-03-21)


Saturn Enters Aquarius 1 (2020-03-21)

We are being given a taste of a major transition that will greet us more fully later this year.  Pieces of it have been unfolding for at least the past twenty years, arguably more than the past two centuries.  As Saturn enters Aquarius, almost silently, we face the Coronavirus Pandemic (Covid19) and the likely repercussions.  Internet businesses have the potential to flourish.  Some brick and mortar businesses are floundering.  Some services (healthcare, police, delivery drivers) are overwhelmed.  Other services (dine-in restaurants) are in peril.

“Things” will never be quite the same.  As Seals and Crofts sang in the early 1970’s, “We May Never Pass This Way Again.”

We present, here, basics regarding “Saturn Enters Aquarius 1” along with a glimpse of “Saturn Enters Aquarius 2.”  After “Saturn Enters Aquarius 2,” Saturn stays in Aquarius until 2023.

First, a “wheel + grid” filtered for the Stellium…

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Health | Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

The Chaga Mushroom is used to make a healing tea and has be used to cure everything from cancer to hypertension; boosting the immune system, raising your bodies ph levels and stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system promoting our own bodies ability to heal itself. Chaga is the most powerful antioxidant on Earth making it a very powerful detox flushing toxins, radiation, heavy metals and other free radicals out of your body.  […]

Source: Health Benefits of Chaga Mushrooms

Foodstyles | Gramma Rita’s Secret Naughty Pancakes

Cook Plant Meditate

My daughter loves spending time with Gramma every summer and loves Gramma’s pancakes. It’s not really a secret but they are kinda naughty! They don’t even really need syrup!

1 1/3 cup pancake mix of the “just add water” variety
2/3 cup white cake mix
1 1/2 cups water

Mix, and prepare pancakes according to pancake mix directions.



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Current Events | Day 7 – Locking it Down with CPM

Cook Plant Meditate

Day 7 – Locking it Down with CPM

Hello from California! We are officially closed! Also, I officially teach 5th grade now. That’s been an interesting adjustment. Fifth grade math is where math started to fall apart for me! It’s those fractions. My husband thinks it’s endlessly entertaining that I work in food and construction, but I don’t know fractions. Yesterday we walked the dog and stretched for PE. Chalk in the driveway for art.

I’d like to take a moment today to talk about toilet paper. I don’t know about you, but I sure have been conscious of how much I’m using. I don’t know if I’ll run out or be able to get more. I know I have paper towels and here’s what you need to know about paper towels, and more:

Only flush toilet paper and poopie.

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Foodstyles | Beyond Tea: Aromatic Herbal Infusions for Health and Immunity | New York Institute of Aromatic Studies

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Let’s get right to it. We know we need to stay hydrated and incorporate botanicals (aka “herbs”) into our lives, especially when feeling depleted, sick, overwhelmed (and so much more….). Go over and say hello to your tea kettle: it’s all about drinking botanical infusions.
I often like to pretend I’m fancy and use the word “tisane” when talking about “herbal tea.” Fancy or not, herbal tea = herbal infusion = tisane. Regardless of what you call it, this is about putting herbs in water, applying gentle heat and then enjoying the benefits of this simple but effective way to work with plants.

Stay Hydrated
Every morning when you wake up, have a glass of water to bathe your tissues. Doesn’t that sound FABULOUS? So…decadent! Not so. It is VITAL. Drinking water “…stimulates elimination and acts like an internal shower waking up the body and preparing it for activity” (Catty…

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La’au Lapa’au | Essential Oil Spotlight: Clove Oil

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Clove oil uses are incredibly impressive, ranging from improving blood circulation and reducing inflammation to helping acne and boosting gum health. One of the best-known clove oil uses is to reduce the pain associated with dental problems. Even mainstream toothpaste makers agree that clove oil reduces the pain and swelling that comes with a toothache.

In addition to being a proven anti-inflammatory and pain reducer, one of the common clove oil uses is as a broad-spectrum antimicrobial to keep countless diseases at bay, which is why it can be such a wise choice for boosting your immune system as well as a powerful addition to homemade cleaning products.

Plant Origin of Clove Oil

Indigenous to Indonesia and Madagascar, clove (Eugenia caryophyllata) can be found in nature as the unopened pink flower buds of the tropical evergreen tree. Picked by hand in late summer and again in winter, the buds…

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Equinox Astrology and Live Broadcast

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology, Psychic

HAPPY SPRING equinox to those in the Northern Hemisphere. And Autumn down under

this astrology chart shows the basis of the year ahead.

Please join me LIVE on FACEBOOK on my Page Tara Greene Tarot Psychic Astrology Friday March 20 at 5:30 pm PDT/ 8:30 pm EDT and Saturday March 21 at 12:30 am GMT i will be talking about 2020, Covid-19 and answering questions about your astrology charts, Join me.

Based on Washington DC, the Scorpio, Rising is a signifier of death and rebirth, overhauls, power, secrets, finances, darkness and control. Scorpio as the 8th sign is an inward yin emotional sign. With Mars and Pluto virtually conjunct ruling this chart in Capricorn along with Jupiter Athena and Saturn at the last most critical degree of Capricorn this is one tough chart. THE SUN is also at the very last degree of PISCES, the end of the…

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Foodstyles | Biscuits

Cook Plant Meditate

Get out your rolling pin, circle cutter and stand mixer! It’s time to make some incredibly delicious biscuits!

3 cups all-purpose flour, plus more for rolling
1 teaspoon salt
2 Tablespoons sugar
2 Tablespoons baking powder
12 Tablespoons cold butter, cut into cubes
1 cup whole milk
1 beaten egg

Preheat oven to 350.

Add all dry ingredients to a mixer and mix. Add butter and mix until you can’t see any butter chunks.

Add milk and mix only until the ingredients come together. Do not overmix.

Sprinkle flour on a rolling surface. Roll out dough to desired thickness (usually about 3/4 inch, but you can go thinner).

Cut with a 3-inch circle cutter (you could cut them into squares if you don’t have a circle cutter).

Place biscuits on a sheet pan lined with parchment. Brush tops with beaten egg.

Bake for 18-25 minutes, depending on thickness, until…

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Health | Satellite Images Reveal A Drastic Drop In Pollution Due To The Coronavirus Quarantine 

People are terrified by the fast-spreading virus that has shocked the world and caused the deaths of thousands of people worldwide. The number of infected people is constantly on the rise, and this boosts the need for quarantine. It is far from easy to remain positive when the future looks grim. Yet, scientists have finally […]

Source: Satellite Images Reveal A Drastic Drop In Pollution Due To The Coronavirus Quarantine – Healthy Food House

Day 6 – Locking it Down with CPM

Cook Plant Meditate

Here’s something fun to pass the time when you’re sheltering in place along with 8 other Bay Area Counties! I had some cuties that were on their way out. Instead of tossing them, I hand juiced them. Then put the juice into the freezer for another day.

Raise your hands if you’re sick of hearing coronavirus!! I prefer COVID 19. Sounds like we’re going on a spy mission, instead of staying home and cleaning the floor again. We played monopoly yesterday. Monopoly. No one ever wants to play Monopoly because it takes forever. Guess what?! I got time to play Monopoly.

Tide Pods Fresh Scent– A review: Who uses this crap? I just want my clothes to smell clean… not like the air freshener aisle. Also, thanks to dumb teenagers who ate Tide Pods, you may need an engineering degree to open the container (dumb teenagers: they do…

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Astrology | March 18th through 19th of 2020: Sun in Pisces, Anaretic and Saturn in Capricorn, Anaretic


March 18th through 19th of 2020: Sun in Pisces, Anaretic and Saturn in Capricorn, Anaretic

This is easy to miss; I almost did.  As such, this entry is later than I would like (i.e., we have entered the 24 hour period as I write this).

The anaretic degree of any sign has been discussed at length.  Specifically, it is the final degree of a sign before a planet moves into a new sign.  Outer planets (capable of retrograde) may cross this region several times.  Cafe Astrology has an excellent explanation of the anaretic degree.  I will not duplicate their work except for a modification.

My original understanding of the anaretic degree came from a presenter at UAC ’98 (I think maybe Carol Wiggers, a William Lilly expert).  She sold me on Lilly.  While my depth of understanding is not “deep” in the ordinary sense of the word…

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Foodstyles Hella Cheesy Stuffed Shells

Cook Plant Meditate

Title says it all. Hella. Cheesy. In a shell.

20-25 jumbo pasta shells
24 oz jar marinara sauce, or homemade
1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese (for the topping)

For the filling:
1 1/2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
16 oz ricotta cheese
5 oz cream cheese
1/3 cup grated parmesan cheese
1/3 cup grated romano cheese
1/2 cup (loosely packed) basil leaves, chiffonade
2 sprigs oregano, chopped
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon black pepper
1 teaspoon granulated garlic ( I don’t recommend raw garlic for this recipe)

Boil shells according to package directions, but do not fully cook. They should be VERY al dente. Like you probably wouldn’t want to eat it, but it’s sorta cooked. Drain well, then rinse in cold water until the shells are completely cooled. Drain.

Put all filling ingredients into a large bowl and mix well.

Put about 1/3 of the marinara into the…

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What Are the Health Benefits of Eucalyptus?

Crooked Bear Creek Organic Herbs

Eucalyptus is a fast-growing evergreen tree native to Australia. As an ingredient in many OTC products, it is used to reduce symptoms of coughs, colds, and congestion. It also features in creams and ointments aimed at relieving muscle and joint pain.

The oil that comes from the eucalyptus tree is used as an antiseptic, a perfume, as an ingredient in cosmetics, as a flavoring, in dental preparations, and in industrial solvents.

Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic, Greek, and other European styles of medicine have incorporated it into the treatment of a range of conditions for thousands of years.

There are over 400 different species of eucalyptus. Eucalyptus globulus, also known as Blue Gum, is the main source of eucalyptus oil used globally.

Leaves are steam distilled to extract the oil, which is a colorless liquid with a strong, sweet, woody scent. It contains 1,8-cineole, also known as eucalyptol.

The leaves also…

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Astrology | March 19, 2020: Spring Equinox – Karmic Rebalance + Restructuring

starface astrology


Last week, the WHO declared a worldwide pandemic over the COVID-19 virus, an extremely contagious novel illness. The fast, far-reaching spread of the COVID-19 has infected 171 countries, over 200,000 people and taken the lives of almost 9,000 individuals. These numbers are expected to keep growing, with governments initiating quarantines and implementing social distancing measures, economies plunging, and health care and emergency personnel on the front lines without the appropriate tools and supplies needed to protect themselves and those who are sick.

People are afraid, unsure, and confined; this pandemic has turned our lives upside down, without any indication of when things will return to normal.

Predictions feel bleak and heavy.

Times are changing; it is inevitable. We have been told this, but now it plays out for us to see.

Where will things go? How will our world move past this? Will things ever be normal again?

A look…

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