Rising Frequencies presents Mayan Masters Zaculew Ix Ba’lam, and Tze’ec Ba’lam Part 1

Rising Frequencies Blog By Lisa Rising Berry

I finally did my interview with my dearest friends, Mayan Masters, Zaculew Ix Ba’lam, White Earth Jaguar Woman (Ginger) and Tze’ec Ba’lam, Two Realms.

They are the female and male lineage holders of the Mayan Jaguar Lineages. We discussed many subjects about the Mayan information that perhaps many don’t know. And we discussed how Ginger, also known by her Mayan name, Zaculew Ix Ba’lam, White Earth Jaguar Woman, was officially recognized as the head female of the Jaguar lineage.

If you would like to study with them, you can contact them at gingergallivan@yahoo.com. You can also find Master on Facebook send him a message or a friend request.

If you would like to schedule a session with me you can find me at this link. https://secure.acuityscheduling.com/admin/scheduling-link Or write to me at risingfrequencies@gmail.com

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Weekly astrology Aug. 16-22 and rare Blue Moon

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

This is an auspicious week with lots of changes things up week.

VENUS enters LIBRA, her home sign, indicting a need for balance justice and equal rights for all, not just relationships, fashion and social media.


URANUS TURNS RETROGRADE at 14 + degrees TAURUS until January 18/19 2022



Time to clean up your act, get your details together, taxes, back to school energy.

here’s the deets










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Social Status counts, Venus in Libra

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

VENUS in LIBRA August 15/16-Septmeber 10 brings beauty,  grace, justice relationships, sociability, women, fashion and social graces as the Planet of LOVE, the GODDESS HERSELF enters LIBRA, her outgoing Home sign where she is happiest to be in loveand connecting with others.

Since everyone has been social distancing and have not been in contact with others Venus in Libra will really spark up peoples need to connect although Libra is an air sign and intellectualizes and talks about relationships.

Note that as VENUS reigns inher Sign, and then enters Scorpio on September 10 which is Mars ruled. Mars enters LIBRA, Venus’s sign on September 14 and the two are in a very positive MUTUAL RECEPTION until October 7 when Venus enters SAGITTARIUS. That’s 24 days of really good love and balance energy.

We are thinking and talking and texting and twittering about all things Venusian like fashion, beauty, communication, analysis…

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Current Events | Hawaii public school coronavirus testing plan still in limbo after start of school year

School-based testing to screen for COVID-19 is a key component of the CDC’s guidance for virus prevention. Yet Hawaii’s public schools do not have a widespread test program in place and […]

Source: Hawaii public school coronavirus testing plan still in limbo after start of school year

UT Reiki class | August 15, 2021 

Click on this turtle and he’ll take you to our class!

The Westen approach of limiting training to Level 3 basics does not provide enough authentic Gnostic innerstanding and competentcy in original knowledge Reiki. We will begin with Usui Sensei’s Teate basics, with an eye towards attunement into each of the four Basic levels through 6th degree Reiki Grandmaster. Certificates (PDF) will be issued to enrolled HALAU members. Thereafter, it is up to the student whether s/he desires to strive for continued training into the higher practitioner levels of Grandmastership.

Classes are held every Sunday at 2pm PDST on the Jitsi conferencing platform.

Join us today online today through Meetup.com!


Mercury in Virgo, health, work focus

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

virgo Fotothek df tg 0004430 Astrologie ^ Sternzeichen ^ Kalender.jpg PUBLIC DOMAIN

Mercury heads to its earthy, intellectual, hard working, perfectionists, health conscious sign of the Virgin Parthenogenesis Goddess Ceres/Demeter and the harvest, VIRGO August 11-29/30

When planets are in their home signs they are very happy and strong just like you feel when you go home.Mercury joins Mars and Venus for the next few days until Venus enters Libra on the 15/16. Virgo its your turn to shine. Its great timing for the archetypal back to school time of year.

Here’s 6 things to be sure to focus on with Mercury in VIRGO


Health is wealth and very important to Virgo. You are what you eat. Beneficial time to do a cleanse, especially as we are going into season change time. You will find it easier and more beneficial to stick to a healthier, more nutritious natural…

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Science | Evolutionary Biologist Lynn Margulis on the Spirituality of Science and the Interconnectedness of Life Across Time, Space, and Species

“The fact that we are connected through space and time shows that life is a unitary phenomenon, no matter how we express that fact.”

Source: Evolutionary Biologist Lynn Margulis on the Spirituality of Science and the Interconnectedness of Life Across Time, Space, and Species


I am restructuring my body in health on earth.
I am acting and restructuring my body in health.
I am father love in perfect health.
I am the grace of love in God for perfect health.
I am the science that heals my body now.
I am the inner health intelligence to my physical body.
I am the intelligence that heals all his organs.
I am I am I am, I am.
I am the health that blesses and heals all his organs.
I am powerful science in perfect health.
I am restructuring your body into perfect health.
I am making way for perfect health.
I am healing now.
I am light in planetary health.
I am living in irradiated father health.
I am irradiated father’s health, I am living in planetary health now.
I am I am I am, I am.
I am health, in harmony with the universe!!

Recipes | Veggie Corn Bread

Living Tree Community Foods online kosher organic food. Manufacturers of the highest quality raw almond butter. We make raw nut butter using 100% organic, raw nuts, like almonds, walnuts, pistachios and more. 100% raw tahini, alive and organic almond butters and almond butter recipes. Your natural online store. […]


Source:  https://www.livingtreecommunityfoods.com/current-newsletter#recipe

Thinking about freedom and revolution

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

Mercury at 28 degrees Leo, the most critical of Leo’s sovereign degrees, Position of “Fixed Star” Regulus, archangel Rachael’s star now at 0 Virgo is Opposite Jupiter Rx in Aquarius. This aspect has us thinking and talking about our collective freedoms.

Freedom is a basic right for all. We must look around and see tyranny as our freedom to travel, go where we want and do what we want when we want have being taken away suddenly. We are left on a place of unknowing if not being able to plan or to live our lives freely. This is an unprecedented attack on humanity collectively, never before possible because of our one world hi-tech linked internet. Totalitarian regimes have used propaganda before but they never had the tools and hi tech resources to collectively knee-cap everyone at once. I don’t care what “the cause” is or the price. Everyone has…

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Usui Teate Reiki – Basics through Grandmastership (Elk Grove, CA)

Interested in learning original knowledge Reiki from Usui’s home temple at Mt. Kuruma, Japan?  Come join us here, then register to get attuned up!  Meet-ups happen every Sunday afternoon (PDST) … See you there!  ALOHA!


Today’s Oracle | August 8, 2021

You are my child. I am your mother. Your home, through my grace, is always secure. You are never to fear from being lost and abandoned. Your home is provided through my grace. You always have a home to return to, through my grace. Surrender attachment and fear now, my cherished one. There is no need for it. Do you think I would forget what you truly need? That I would deny you this? You who have belonged to me through all time and are my child, under my care and protection! Let go of all such worries and pray to me. I will assist you.

~ Alana Fairchild, Mother Mary Oracle

Astrology | Lion’s Gate: This Ancient Egyptian Star-Aligning Event is Opening August 8th | Healing Energy Tools

For thousands of years, this time of year has been told to hold a huge influx of energy that comes through around August eighth of each year. This portal has been called the infinity portal or the Lion’s Gate, an energetic activation of the numbers 8/8, August: eighth month, in the sign of Leo the lion, on […]

Source: Lion’s Gate: This Ancient Egyptian Star-Aligning Event is Opening August 8th | Healing Energy Tools

Today’s Oracle | August 7, 2021

“To live is to burn, to grow and to ignite the heart and soul with passionate devotion to higher purpose. I ask you to honour me, even when it seems like what you love is burning away, or what you have believed in is failing you. I ask you to remain open to me, even if you are in shock, denial, or feeling betrayed or broken. To live with an open heart is for the brave souls that love me, and are capable of loving the world. I bring you Holy Fire. It burns through me as spiritual passion and ignites now in you also, my child. You are to receive this fire now and se the heart of the world aflame.”
~ Alana Fairchild, Mother Mary Oracle

Melchizedek Consciousness | LOVE: Vibration

Image: Kovacevicmiro

In its essence, Love is a Frequency, a Vibration, it has an invisible component of Hertz (or cycles per second)/

Even a “Thought” is a vibration, so too is the palpitation of your Heart when you see someone you Love, it has a mathematical underpinning and a rich tapestry of numerical and toroidal symmetries.

Our Field is a Torus which literally means a Ring.

When we hug another, the information in our joined Field is shared, and without words, we communicate between these rings via touch, sound and smell but on a higher level, we are mystically conversing via the amperage and volts of the intuitive Higher Heart.

~ Jain 108

Summer Olympics 2020 | Japan creates 213 kimonos to represent each country in the Tokyo Olympics

The Kimono Project was launched in August 2014 by a Japanese organization called Imagine One World. It took six years to complete over 200 custom kimonos that drew inspiration from each country’s culture, history, or architectural beauty. The project was led by Yoshimasa Takakura, designer and founder of Imagine One World. […]

Source: https://www.aniradioplus.com/post/japan-creates-213-kimonos-to-represent-each-country-in-the-tokyo-olympics?fbclid=IwAR0qS69eC6R0Muy38BvGnco_HQYRGrSlwwqeQ7IC6PkatcS3J0tHAXoH9Bg

The real Lion’s Gate 2021, Sirius Heliacal Rising

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

There is so much hyped up commercialized click-bait “spirituality” tied in with “luck” numerology and a smorgasbord of shtick I’m about ready to throw up all the time.

The so called Lion’s Gate which smooshed up the Mayan Calendar Day Out Of Time in late July got enmeshed with the Leo season and extended to a 2-week “Lions Gate” alignment with the star Sirius. Many channeled talk about the Sirians, star beings who apparently created humans for genetic manipulation experiments. There are good and evil Sirians.

Declaration of Independence occurs on July 4 so that the US sun is aligned with Sirius at 12 degrees Cancer. Sirius was worshipped in ancient Egypt as the God Osiris, who was killed and ended up in pieces. His sister wife Isis the head Goddess cloned him from his severed penis and put him back together. Maybe this is where the ET’s interferes with…

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Keilana Mokulehua Celebrates First Album With 4 Nominations At This Year’s Na Hoku Hanohano Awards

Honolulu (KHON2) – Local singer and songwriter, Keilana Mokulehua is celebrating the accomplishments of her debut album by being recognized for 4 Na Hoku Hanohano Awards.  Since the stay…

Source: Keilana Mokulehua Celebrates First Album With 4 Nominations At This Year’s Na Hoku Hanohano Awards

Today’s Oracle | August 6, 2021

I know how hard you have been trying, how much work and effort you have been summoning.  Even if you judge yourself for not hving done enough, I see how much struggle you have been enduring, how much you have been trying to overcome. You will succeed. You are capable. But, even the earth requires retreat and rest in order to replenish and continue in time. For now, Beloved, it is rest time. Be with me. Suspend your activity and your judgment, and let it go. Solutions may come to you, too, in this time. But, it is time to simply be with me. Come, let us rest together in the sweetness of divine love.

~ Alana Fairchild, Mother Mary Oracle