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EVERYTHING DOESN’T MATTER…Even though it does matter.

What is existence?…

Electrical impulses allow every Atomic cell in existence to communicate with one another.
These cells exchange information across an infinite spectrum of possibility.

Whatever information is collated amongst a faction of cells is known as a WEB of information.

These “webs” of information magnetically arrange themselves into electrical pulses of code & this code is what forms matter as we know it.

This electromagnetic universal web of code operates on a sine & wavelength amplitude and the highway for this amplitude is what we know as, light, sound & vibration or FREQUENCY.

At the core of all existence, this is all that really exists…

In every cell, every body, every web, every domain, every realm, every dimension, every universe, every multiverse, every thought, everything in existence is simply natural CODE subconsciously agreed on by the collective…

We humans in this realm use tools like the sciences, mathematics, language, art & music as aids to help us de-code the universal CODE as it exists within ourselves & in this realm.

Now, because everything in existence is code, that means there is an infinite number of possibilities to any given reality at any given time.

This is where the laws of existence come in…
Without these laws, there would be no order.
These laws give everything a time, place & structure.

In other words we can only create or destroy matter within the confines of universal & natural laws within any given space & time.

We humans of this time & place currently only use between 8% and 15% of our full DNA potential. Which means we are only able to decode 8 – 15% of space, time & matter in this reality.

This percentage of DNA potential is what we call consciousness.

The more DNA potential (consciousness) we unlock or awaken, the more clearer we begin to decode the WEB reality of this existence we call life on earth & even beyond.

In essence, everything in existence does not actually matter because matter is simply coded energy manifest in current space & time.

However, paradoxically, everything in existence also does matter because we, as conscious beings find ourselves here in this matrix web of space, time & matter.

We are all a part of this web.
We are in it (life) and we are on it (Earth)

In leymans terms, this web is simply a game.

The game of life is very much like playing hide & seek or snakes & ladders.

The aim of the game is for us to individually and collectively find ourselves.
The more we seek from what is hidden within, the more we unlock conscious DNA, from within.

Ultimately, the goal of the game is to find & unlock enough of yourself, so you can move on to YOUR next stage.

The more DNA we unlock the more options we give ourselves within the game.
We transmute from being played to becoming players.

We open new doors not just here & now but also beyond what our tiny 8 – 15% conscious understanding can fathom.

However, we must be cautious.
Not everyone who unlocks new cells of DNA will use this wisely.

Some will use this knowledge & power to control, destroy & conquer those who haven’t caught up with the game…

But…there are others will use this knowledge and power to empower, create & build themselves & those around them, not just here & now but also BEYOND.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility.

It’s time for us to open our eyes – ALL THREE eyes.

The eyes will only see when the pupil is ready.

Vision 2020 & beyond.

Ultimately, there is nothing to fear or be confused about because nothing matters.

But if it does matter to you, all the answers you NEED (not want) are coded everywhere around you & it’s FREE…

All you need to do is pay attention, open your mind, eyes & heart and be prepared to learn, unlearn & relearn.

If this makes no sense to you, it’s because this is not your space or time…ignore it & move on.

But, if this does make any sense to you…
Hi there🙂💫

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Hau’ōli lā Pō’alua

Aloha kākahiāka kākou a me hau’ōli lā Pō’alua. Hoihoi keīa nāni lā.  ‘Ōla Aloha. Ē Aloha. Hānu Aloha e ‘Ōla Pōnō.  A hui hou a me mālāma pōnō kākou.

Good morning, everyone, and Happy Tuesday.  Enjoy this beautiful day.  Live aloha. Be Aloha. Breathe aloha and Live Righteously.  Take care of yourself until the next time we meet.

How The US Has Systematically Destroyed Hawaiian Culture For 240 Years

Many associate Aloha shirts, hula dancing, and surfing with Hawaiian culture. Beloved by many around the globe, the paradisiacal islands exude romance and relaxation. However, the story of how America acquired Hawaii is much less pristine than the sparkling oceans and beaches on postcards and travel brochures. Struggle and oppression fill Hawaii’s history, as the United States forced the islands into becoming US territory. Much like the Native American Trail of Tears, the story of how Hawaii became a state brims with hostile takeovers, as well as displaced and mistreated Native inhabitants.  […]

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Nā Kūkikūki  ||  The Story of Kea’omelemele 

In the story of Kea’omelemele, told by Moses Manu in 1885, Kalau’okōlea, the younger sister of Poliʻahu played a tune on a puʻa (gourd whistle) while Kulukuluokahiki was staying at the house of Poliʻahu on Mauna Kea. The night-time trilling enchants and delights Kulukuluokahiki and his party, and culminates in love-making. Kulukuluokahiki with Poliʻahu, and his men with the sisters Lilinoe and Kalauokōlea. In the chill of the frosty borderlands of Poliʻahu, the tune of the puʻa/hōkiokio warms the bosom and foreshadows the shared warmth to come.

But what is also remarkable to me is the mention in the mele of no less than four kinds of singing land snails, indicating how important these are in Hawaiian cultural foundations:

Moe ana ʻoe la hoʻolono iki mai
E piʻi kāua i ka hua lamalama
I ka lau ʻākōlea i ke kapa kāhuli
Kāhuli aku, kāhuli mai
Kāhuli lei ʻula lei ʻākōlea
Kolekolea, kolekolea
Pūpū kani oe maiau kēlā
Pololei leo leʻa kapa hau o uka
Mehana i kuʻu poli
Hiʻolani kēlā kolekolea

Lie there, and listen a while
as we two climb by kukui torchlight
Among the fronds of ʻākōlea ferns, the garment of snails
Land snails transforming, changing back and forth
Changing from a red lei into a lei of ʻākōlea ferns
Kolekolea land snail, singing in a whistling voice
Such a skillful, exquisite singing snail
Pololei snail singing joyfully at the edge of the upland snows
Warming my bosom
as I lie at ease amidst that chorus of snails singing.

Additional note:  kolekolea is the singing of the land shell, also considered another name for the kahuli.

Pololei is another snail name, often followed by the epithet kani kuamauna.  Kuamauna, which is a zone close to the summit of a mountain, suggests that the pololei is a high elevation snail, of the high montane or subalpine region, in this case, just below snow line on Mauna Kea!