Hau’ōli lā Pō’ahā

Aloha e Hau’ōli lā Pō’ahā. Mai hō’oni ʻī kā wai lana mālie. Ō kā maluhia nō me ‘oe.

Greetings and Happy Thursday. “Do Not Disturb the Water That is Tranquil.” When you find yourself not enjoying the peace and quiet of a supposed relaxing day, remind yourself not to interrupt your own peaceful thoughts. It’s not always easy but it sure makes for a refreshed soul when life starts back up again. Peace be with you.

How The US Has Systematically Destroyed Hawaiian Culture For 240 Years

Many associate Aloha shirts, hula dancing, and surfing with Hawaiian culture. Beloved by many around the globe, the paradisiacal islands exude romance and relaxation. However, the story of how America acquired Hawaii is much less pristine than the sparkling oceans and beaches on postcards and travel brochures. Struggle and oppression fill Hawaii’s history, as the United States forced the islands into becoming US territory. Much like the Native American Trail of Tears, the story of how Hawaii became a state brims with hostile takeovers, as well as displaced and mistreated Native inhabitants.   […]

Source: How The US Has Systematically Destroyed Hawaiian Culture For 240 Years

Hau’ōli lā Pō’alūa – Mele Kalikimaka ‘oukou

Aloha kākahiāka kākou … hau’ōli lā Pō’alūa a me Mele Kalikimaka kākou. Hoihoi keīa nāni lā. Ōla Aloha. Ē Aloha. Hānu Aloha e Ōla Pōnō. A hui hou a me mālāma pōnō kākou.

Good morning, everyone … Happy Tuesday and Merry Christmas!  Enjoy this beautiful day.  Live aloha. Be Aloha. Breathe aloha and Live Righteously.  Take care of yourself until the next time we meet.

Global Mindfulness || Free showers for rough sleepers could save lives and end the stigma around homelessness 

There’s such a stigma surrounding rough sleepers in the UK and we have a responsibility to work out why and how we can change that. (Picture: Sarah Lamptey)

The idea struck me while I was volunteering at a winter shelter, listening to a man who had experienced homelessness in different parts of Europe.

Read more: https://metro.co.uk/2018/12/08/free-showers-for-rough-sleepers-could-save-lives-and-end-the-stigma-around-homelessness-8124881/?ito=article.desktop.share.bottom.facebook?ito=cbshare

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