Energy Healing Requests


gaia_in_fuschia Aloha Energy Healings

Ē kū ī kā mānā kākōu ~  The Halau is In Service to YOU, Our Community

Aloha Mentoring

Have a specific area in your life for which you are seeking energetic assistance?  Difficulties with relationships, life path choices and bringing abundance into your life?  Energy healings, coupled with life coach counseling, can provide the answers you need to overcome these life obstacles.

Specific requests for energyworking begins at $155.00 USD (click on link to remit) for three (3) sessions  We require communication with you via iPhone FaceTime, FaceBook Audio/Video Messenger, Google+ Hangout, or Skype to further clarify the nature of your healing request and to work with you one-on-one.

Reiki Box – Comfort Healing List

Please use this form to submit names to The Halau’s Comfort Healing Intentions List.  Names submitted will be incorporated into our Comfort List, where each named individual receives a specifically directed Reiki energy healing from The Halau’s active Practitioners.


Hōʻokūpū – Causing Intentions To Sprout and Grow

An exchange of energies further enlivens the Reiki energies shared with you here today.  Your heartfelt donation, no matter the amount, completes the Circle of Gratitude that fuels this intended cycle for change.

We are always grateful for your faith and trust in the healing services provided by The Halau.  Peace be with you.

Did you feel better? Consider donating to our School!

The Halau actively pursues its Reiki practice through the energywork done through its instructors and students with members of our respective communities. If you benefited from this treatment series, consider donating to our School. Aloha and Mahalo for your support!


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