7 Amazing Uses For Activated Charcoal

Get the details here!
Get the details here!

Here’s a health secret I learned first-hand from my grandparents: Activated charcoal. Activated charcoal is an almost “miracle” ingredient that really could save your life one day! And failing that it will at least give you a sparkling set of teeth!

Natural Living Ideas describes 7 of the most amazing uses for activated charcoal, including air and water purification, as a poison antidote, to whiten teeth and more.

Commonly referred to as Active Carbon or simply Carbon, Activated Charcoal is produced from organic materials such as coconut fiber, nutshells, peat, wood, or pitch through one of several processes involving the use of oxygen and high temperatures to open millions of micro-pores within its atomic structure. Because of this highly-porous structure, Activated Charcoal is extremely absorptive making it ideal for a variety of medical, beauty and household uses.

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