Life Hacks: Eight Things To Give Up To Live With Aloha


1 – Doubting yourself
2 – Negative thinking
3 – Fear of failure
4 – Criticizing others
5 – Negative self-talk
6 – Procrastination
7 – Fear of success
8 – People-pleasing

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Aloha Spirit and Law of Attraction: Forgiveness Works To Clear Emotional Blocks To Receiving Abundance | Lanakila

The first step toward healing is one of Honest Self-Analysis, self-inventory, self-inquiry.
(Ernest Holmes, Science of the Mind, at 248.)

Forgiveness is not always easy. To forgive the one that wounded your heart, at times, feels more painful than any physical wound suffered. Unfortunately, most of us (stubbornly?) refuse to clear the emotional blocks created. And yet, there is no peace without forgiveness. So, most of us are stuck and can’t seem to achieve that positive spin of acceptance through which the Law of Attraction operates most favorably Therefore, the answer for many of us must be to embrace forgiveness in order to receive abundance.

The Ancient Hawaiians personified the caring of your spiritual health as a polished hand-carved Koa bowl given to a child before the age of five. Each person carries their Spiritual Greatness reflected within that bowl. This light, which is reinforced by the light-life energies of the Ancestors, light the path ahead of you.

However, your Bowl of Life isn’t always light and clear. At times, the light reflected from your bowl can become obstructed by stones that land inside it as you go about your life’s journey. Each time a bad word is uttered, whether from your mouth or from another’s, each time a bad act is committed, whether by you or against you by another, leaves a rock inside your bowl. In time, the bowl becomes dull and heavy to carry. Also imagine that most stones, or negative memories, are received by the soul in the womb of the mother. Every hurtful, stressful, abusive emotional injury that happens to the mother during pregnancy places a scar (a samsara moment, or character tendencies), or spiritual test, or karmic lesson to be learned in this lifetime, on the soul of the child. And, that child’s walk up the mountain of life is burdened with those stones in its sacred bowl of light until he or she learns how to huli – turn over — the bowl to empty them out.

All people climb the same Mountain. The Mountain, however, has many pathways, each with a different view. A person knows and understands only what he sees from his own pathway, from where he is standing on the mountain. As he moves up the mountain of life, his view changes. Only when he reaches the top of the mountain will he begin to see and understand the diverse views of mankind. But, who among us has reached the top of the mountain? How is it possible when the Bowl we carry has become so very heavy?

These are some of the stones in the sacred bowl of light that must be let go of by ancient ceremonial ways. Ancient Hawaiians trained their young in witness consciousness as a way of learning to see clearly with awareness and awakened consciousness … without judgments, opinions, expectations, “should’s” and limited understanding … of what you think that you are looking at. This allows one to walk awake and always connected to the voice of the ancestors, to shine light on what one witnesses from deep within the na’au (heart). The Ancient Hawaiians understood that the MIND is your First Weapon to defeating victim consciousness. It must be polished and disciplined to persist. Thus, your mind is either your best friend or your worst enemy. The Power that unleashes the opportunities brought by the Law of Attraction is Within YOU!!! Change Your Thinking and Change Your Life.

Forgiveness Affirmations are the most thorough way of evoking these cleansing energies.

Tomorrow, we, too, will see a different view. We have not finished growing. We address the spiritual dynamics of human relations and the goal of transformation and healing the hearts of humanity, including intergenerational trauma, right now through the act of forgiveness.

Walk into this Now with a clean sacred bowl of light, as an awakened spiritual being here for a human experience, and not a human being here for a spiritual experience. Let go of all victim consciousness and blame … that was just a bad dream of separation. There are no accidents. Everything happens for righteous cause. This is the experience called the play of consciousness!

I recommend five to fifiteen minutes of daily forgiveness meditation before you go to bed as spiritual practice. This cleans your Sacred Bowl of Light which, in turn, cleanses your creative power that magnetizes your life spark, which in turn, harmonizes you with the Law of Attraction and increases abundance in your life.

May you awaken with opportunities for Abundance knocking at your door. Aloha e malama pono kakou.


Forgiveness Affirmation

O Lord of the Universe,
For Myself,
My Spouse,
All Our Family Members,
All Our Relationships,
All Our Ancestors and
All Their Relationships
Back Through All Time,
Through All Of Our Lives,
Please Assist us all
To Forgive,
Be Forgiven, and
Forgive all Ourselves
Completely and Totally,
Now And Forever.
(3 times)

I Bless This Day and
Give Thanks For My Life
I Forgive Completely
All People Who Have Hurt Me
(Repeat 3 Times)

I Ask All People I Have Hurt
To Please Forgive Me
(Repeat 3 Times)

I Apologize To Myself For My Wrongs
To Myself and
My Wrongs To Others
(Repeat 3 Times)

I Apologize For All My Hurts Or Wrongs
To All Life Forms
(Repeat 3 Times)

I Apologize For All My Hurts Or Wrongs
To The Earth And The Life Of The Earth
(Repeat 3 Times)

With This Release, Freedom, Peace, Power and New Life,
I Bless All Creation In The Entire Universe
And I Fill The Entire Universe With My Love

I Love And Bless The Earth,
All Life, And All Humanity
I Love, Bless, And Respect,
The Visible, And The Invisible

I Rejoice And Give Thanks
For My New Life, Power, And Health,
And Give Complete Blessings And Love
To All Life And All Creations, Always.

And so It Is.

Kundalini Meditation Mantra: Adi Shakti, by Earth

MP3 Download: Adi Shakti


  • Complete Mantra:   Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Adi Shakti, Namo Namo
    Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Sarab Shakti, Namo Namo
    Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Pritham Bhagvati, Namo Namo
    Kundalini Mata Shakti, Mata Shakti, Namo Namo


  • Translation:   I bow to (or call on) the primal power.
    I bow to (or call on) the all encompassing power and energy.
    I bow to (or call on) that through which God creates.
    I bow to (or call on) the creative power of the Kundalini, the Divine Mother Power.


  • More Information:   The Adi Shakti Mantra tunes one into the frequency of the Divine Mother, and to the primal protective, generating energy. It is said that chanting it eliminates fears and fulfills desires.


  • Some quotes Yogi Bhajan gave on this mantra specifically for women:
    “Merge in the Maha Shakti. This is enough to take away your misfortune. This will carve out of you a woman. Woman needs her own Shakti, not anybody else will do it. When a woman chants the Kundalini Bhakti mantra, God clears the way. This is not a religion, it is a reality. Woman is not born to suffer, and woman needs her own power.””When India and Indian women knew this mantra, it dwelt in the land of milk and honey.”Yogi Bhajan taught that after conception, the soul enters into the womb of a mother on the 120th day. This is a day of celebration and when the soul/child is entering the womb this chant is traditional.


The Ecstasy of Eternal Love, by Matt Kahn

Through the eyes of enlightenment, the highest form of the Divine exists in its most relative form. From this space, one doesn’t deny or negate waves in order to witness an ocean.  Instead, one honors the magnificence of the ocean throughout the activity of each passing wave. When each person in your sphere of reality can be honored as expressions of the Absolute, no matter how they act or appear, it is the Absolute that has dawned in you. You certainly don’t have to like how others behave, or ever keep yourself in toxic environments of abuse for any reason. And yet, whether relationships are meant to come together or be pulled apart, it doesn’t have to distort your view of reality as the Absolute truth of eternal love. People may not always be loving, but underneath it all, just as the ocean moves each wave forward, it is the ecstasy of eternal love carrying you along from start to finish.


A ‘prayer labyrinth’, on Makalua-Puna Point, Kapalua, Maui. Image credit: Lahaina News

“Whatever emotion arises that may destabilize me, I breathe into it. As I observe the sensations in my body that this emotion causes, I become aware of it diminishing in intensity, and passing away.”

Meditation: Feel The Inner Presence, by Osho


This technique is based on inner sensitivity. First grow in sensitivity. Just close your doors, make the room dark, and light a small candle. Sit near the candle with a very loving attitude – rather, with a prayerful attitude…. Take a bath, throw cold water on your eyes, then sit in a very prayerful mood before the candle. Look at it and forget everything else. Just look at the small candle – the flame and the candle. Go on looking at it. After five minutes you will feel that many things are changing in the candle. They are not changing in the candle, remember; your eyes are changing.

With a loving attitude, with the whole world closed out, with total concentration, with a feeling heart, just go on looking at the candle and the flame. Then you will discover new colors around the flame, new shades which you were never aware were there. They are there; the whole rainbow is there. Wherever light is, the rainbow is there because light is all color. You need a subtle sensitivity. Just feel it and go on looking at it. Even if tears start flowing, go on looking at it. Those tears will help your eyes to be more fresh….

Sensitivity must grow. Your every sense must become more alive. Then you can experiment with this technique.

Feel the cosmos as a translucent ever-living presence.

Everywhere light is – in many, many shapes, forms, light is happening everywhere. Look at it! And everywhere light is because the whole phenomenon is based on the foundation of light. Look at a leaf or a flower or a rock, and sooner or later you will feel rays coming out of it. Just wait patiently. Don’t be in a hurry because nothing is revealed when you are in a hurry. In a hurry you are dull.

Wait silently with anything, and you will discover a new phenomenon which was always there, but of which you were not alert – not aware of it…. Your mind will become completely silent as you feel the presence of the ever-living existence. You will be just a part in it, just a note in the great symphony. No burden, no tension…the drop has fallen into the ocean. But great imagination will be needed in the beginning, and the sensitivity training will be helpful….

All these techniques also change your body chemistry. If you feel the whole world as filled with life, light, then you are changing your body chemistry. And this is a chain reaction. When your body chemistry changes, you can look at the world and it will look more alive. And if it looks more alive, your body chemistry will change again, and then it becomes a chain.

The Book of Secrets, Talk #47

Affirming Meditation – You’re Always Where You’re Meant to Be, by Matt Kahn


While you have the freedom to choose the quality of your experiences by how you respond to circumstances and how such orchestrations are viewed, inevitably, everything always plays out the way it is meant to be. Your choices always matter, but they cannot become the most powerful, courageous, noble, and inspired decisions you are here to make with any degree of pressure on you. You are always exactly where you need to be, doing precisely the things that need to be done, in order for you to become who you’re destined to be. Even when you cannot seem to act upon the options you know you’re meant to embrace, circumstances tend to repeat to build up a momentum of consciousness until a tipping point is reached. Once a tipping point occurs, you cannot help but make bold and inspired choices from your newly-expanded consciousness. This is the inevitability of your highest evolution that does not require you to punish or exhaust yourself in the name of spiritual growth. All is well, sweet angel. All is well.