Discuss The Discus

discuss the discus

Discuss the Discus – talking about the zodiac wheel

When we are discussing something we are talking about the zodiac wheel, we are explaning our “circum stance” from our standpoint/ view/ perspective in the wheeland thus will sometimes not agree with a person standing on a different spot/ zodiac sign.
disc u s s – ( the wheel + you + double spirit)

German for discuss is diskutieren, das Tier is the animal, Disku(s) + Tier. All the animals of the zodiac are discussing the wheel!

Aries the Ram (head): I Am, I Am Not,
Taurus, the Bull (throat, tongue) I Have(halve), I Have (halve) Not
Gemini, the Twins (Arms, Lungs/breath) I Think, I Think Not
Cancer, the Crab (Breasts) I Feel, I Feel Not
Leo, the Lion (Heart) I Will, I Will Not
Virgo, the Virgin (Belly/Womb) I Analyse, I Analyse Not
Libra (Kidneys) I Balance, I Bal]ance Not
Scorpio ( Sexual Organs) I Want, I Want Not
Saggitarius (Thighs) I See, I See Not
Capricorn (Knees) I Experience, I Experience Not
Aquarius (Shins/Calves) I Know, I Know Not
Pisces ( Feet) I Believe, I Believe Not


Source:  www.op-think.com