The Three Sources of Truth

Twenty two years ago, a clinically trained physician from France, Dr. Jacques Mabit, opened up a remote healing facility in the Amazon known as Takiwasi. Employing a variety of shamans, the center specializes in treating drug addiction using natural medicines and spiritual disciplines from the surrounding rain forest.
Recently, they have gained international recognition because of their startling 70% success rate in fully rehabilitating cocaine and heroin addicts who are willing to undergo their full three-month treatment period.
But the healing protocol is no walk in the park.
The standard treatment at Takiwasi includes isolation in the jungle, extensive work with the master plants (including ayahuasca), a very rigid diet, and zero access to external stimuli such as phones, computers, books, etc.
(Sound familiar? We used a very similar approach in the Sacred Science documentary.)
Jacques believes that in order to effectively recover from any type of addiction, one needs “to find clear answers in their existential searches for identity,” and that those answers will lead to abandoning the use of harmful substances.
In the video below, you will see that the “clear answers” Jacques is referring to usually come in the form of a spiritual opening – and that there are three doorways to truth that can be accessed for higher guidance.
His words carry an urgency that should resonate with all seekers; beginner and expert alike.