Paradigm Shift ~ On Having and Giving

Why do those with less always give more? This video shows what generosity truly is. When asked if they would share their food and money, those who can afford it say no. While those who desperately need what they have will gladly give it away. A bittersweet look at the human spirit.

Daily Chabad ~ The Giving Relationship

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In a home, in a relationship, in any situation where people work together, each side has to give.
What you give is not so important.
How you give is.
You have to want to give.



Menachem Av 18, 5774 · August 14, 2014
Based on letters and talks of the Rebbe, Rabbi M. M. Schneerson
From a letter, 1972 (5732) , printed in Ohr Habayit, pg. 37. See also Hitkashrut, 70.