Paradigm Shift ~ “They Call Me “Clean-Up”” | KarmaTube

Clean-Up Man
James “Clean-Up” Boatner, Oakland, CA USA ~ Click on the link below to watch this short clip about this quiet gentle man.

They Call Me “Clean-Up” | KarmaTube.

James Boatner has a grizzled beard, a giant shopping cart and an unusual street name. Residents of West Oakland know him simply as “Clean-Up”, because that’s what he does. The soft spoken homeless man spends his days sweeping the streets he has lived on for over 15 years. He is a familiar face in the neighborhood and beloved by its children. In this short film, 71-year-old “Clean-Up” speaks with quiet dignity about his life on the streets and his dream of writing a memoir that will give the world a window into what it means to be homeless.

If you resonate with James’ dream to find a safe home where he can write his book, please consider donating to his Kickstart campaign.

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Paradigm Shift ~ On Having and Giving

Why do those with less always give more? This video shows what generosity truly is. When asked if they would share their food and money, those who can afford it say no. While those who desperately need what they have will gladly give it away. A bittersweet look at the human spirit.