Paradigm Shift ~ “They Call Me “Clean-Up”” | KarmaTube

Clean-Up Man
James “Clean-Up” Boatner, Oakland, CA USA ~ Click on the link below to watch this short clip about this quiet gentle man.

They Call Me “Clean-Up” | KarmaTube.

James Boatner has a grizzled beard, a giant shopping cart and an unusual street name. Residents of West Oakland know him simply as “Clean-Up”, because that’s what he does. The soft spoken homeless man spends his days sweeping the streets he has lived on for over 15 years. He is a familiar face in the neighborhood and beloved by its children. In this short film, 71-year-old “Clean-Up” speaks with quiet dignity about his life on the streets and his dream of writing a memoir that will give the world a window into what it means to be homeless.

If you resonate with James’ dream to find a safe home where he can write his book, please consider donating to his Kickstart campaign.

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