Higher Balance ~ The Optimist vs. The Pessimist, by Eric Pepin

rainbow toroidal fieldWhat I am about to say is pretty simple but trust me it has a powerful effect.

When is the last time you took a moment, a moment to center yourself, your life and your heart. I’m very serious. When … is…. The…. Last…. Time… You…. Took… a…. Moment, for Yourself.

If I could make one request of you at this very moment it would be to go out into life this weekend and find a beautiful location that speaks to you and sit, breath in slowly…. Realeaseeeeeeeeee….. Smile on the inside and the outside. Feel the love of the Universe and the love of life for about 10 minutes. The smile part is the most important part. As simple, foolish, artificial and or ridiculous that may sound to some, it really works to change your brains outlook and it’s something you can CHOOSE to do to change your life. Retrain your brain.

If your life is dismal and down, then double dip and get twice the benefit!

Think of your life like a spinning top on a table. Every time something negative happens the top aka your life / consciousness begins to wobble erratically out of control. Bumping into and creating more problems for yourself.

When you take a moment hence a time out for yourself and do the above. You take that control back and the top rights its self into a balanced position. The more you right yourself, the more control you take back in your life.

Here is one more thing to think about. The optimist vs. the pessimist


1. The tendency to expect the best and see the best in all things
2. Hopefulness; confidence
3. The doctrine of the ultimate triumph of good over evil
4. The philosophical doctrine that this is the best of all possible worlds


1. A person who habitually sees or anticipates the worst or is disposed to be gloomy.
2. An adherent of the doctrine of pessimism.

Most of us are by default in the second half, lol and probably a bit cynical about life, but we also have the ability to change our thinking and our lives!
Research has been piling up over the past decade that shows optimistic people have better lives. There relationships are better, finances are better and they live longer! If that doesn’t piss you off!, lol

Interestingly, there are a few people who said that they simply felt cursed at some point in the life. That nothing would go right and they even considered giving up. Then they discovered meditation, and that they could in fact take control of there life. These very same people less then a few weeks later stated that after applying the simple techniques they learned life had righted itself for them and they were excited to see what each new day would bring!

I myself have up’s and down. Shitty things happen and you need to deal with it. By nature I am admittedly an Pessimist, And it is so much easier to just go into that state of mind. But in meditation I learned decades ago that “Mindfulness” Is my secret Kung-Fu of the mind and it helps me to realize at that very moment, I am heading to a deep, dark shitty place mentally! I then take charge as I had learned in my practices and re adjust my mind, attitude and perspective My energy…and just like that the bullshit begins to lift and if it is a slow process I choose to speed it up by applying more technique just like the above and I can literally watch hour by hour things getting better.

You are not powerless, you are not hopeless and God has not forsaken you.

You are powerful, you have a purpose and God is your admirer you just have to decide take charge to your life.

Most people don’t know what to make of Higher Balance because we talk about meditation, altered states of consciousness, paranormal phenomenon etc. the truth is we love it all and we are experts. We see all of those things connected and believe they all interact with each other manipulating and forming your life and its purpose. We believe that can be changed and or improved by your choice if you choose to take action in your own design. We show you things that have been hidden from you that will very much shock you at first and then its followed by revelations of amazing possibilities you truly have and never knew about.

Right now you may be feeling that all you need is a time out from life and what I said earlier seem like the perfect tool to do the job and it is! But it’s also really good to know that when you are ready to take bigger steps that they are ready to be shared with you.

Higher Balance … think about the name and think about the spinning top.

~ Eric Pepin