Ayurveda ~ The Yogic Pathway To Perfect Health

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I’ve come to understand the universe as a vast web of magnetic energy. Some magnetic currents can produce a lifestyle of bliss. Others will produce a lifestyle of dis-ease.

In order to produce a blissful state of being, you must develop the energetic power that enables you to follow that path. That is a key point that so many people miss. It’s a human power that carries you. It is simultaneously simple and profound.

Life can be pretty darn challenging when there’s a scarcity of prana in the body and a surplus of density in the mind!

But when you activate the pranic life-force, you can easily and organically ride the energetic currents that produce prosperity, vitality and deep somatic bliss. The stuff is like pure gold! No amount of money can compete with the supreme sweetness that comes alive in you when the Infinite animates every molecule of your being.

The yogis call this pranic life-force activation ‘Svastha’, or perfect health, which is an art and a science. When you learn this stuff, and really put it to work, everything changes … the body is invigorated, the mind is crystal clear, and the sweetness of complete contentment fulfills you.

Ayurveda ~ A Spiritual Quest

Dear Friends,


The supreme levels of vitality and happiness cannot be achieved by common pursuits of health and healing.


Extraordinary experiences are rarely born out of ordinary activity. The deepest layers of vitality, energy and beauty must be generated in an exalted and unconventional fashion.


Thousands of years ago, the great sages of Ayurveda and Yoga unlocked this profound science. They codified the secrets of radiance and taught the highly sophisticated spiritual technology that tune the body and mind to the frequencies of prosperity, clarity and happiness.


Like a marvelous musical instrument, the body and mind can be tuned to the harmonic frequencies of joy, health and love.


Unfortunately, too many of us unconsciously attune ourselves to the disharmonic wavelengths of anxiety, depression and insecurity.


The Radiant Body Course will thoroughly transform you from the inside out. It is more than a course, it is an experiential quest for the hidden powers of awakening and profound bliss. Enjoy the video.



Sat Nam,


Jai Dev Singh





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Ayurveda ~ Yogic Secrets of Magnetism (part 3)

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In this latest video of our training, I teach how the body can work very much like a pranic machine that generates heightened energy, brightness and bliss.


You’ll discover how the life-force intelligence operates as five ‘pranic winds’ within you, and how to activate them so that the magnetic powers of your being begin to powerfully animate and project themselves. 


You’ll learn how the yogis use these pranic winds to acellerate the spiritual process and I’ll guide you through a simple exercise that demonstrates how it all works.


Click the link below to watch now and please let us know your thoughts on the comment section. Enjoy!


Sat Nam,


Jai Dev Singh