Ayurveda ~ A Spiritual Quest

Dear Friends,


The supreme levels of vitality and happiness cannot be achieved by common pursuits of health and healing.


Extraordinary experiences are rarely born out of ordinary activity. The deepest layers of vitality, energy and beauty must be generated in an exalted and unconventional fashion.


Thousands of years ago, the great sages of Ayurveda and Yoga unlocked this profound science. They codified the secrets of radiance and taught the highly sophisticated spiritual technology that tune the body and mind to the frequencies of prosperity, clarity and happiness.


Like a marvelous musical instrument, the body and mind can be tuned to the harmonic frequencies of joy, health and love.


Unfortunately, too many of us unconsciously attune ourselves to the disharmonic wavelengths of anxiety, depression and insecurity.


The Radiant Body Course will thoroughly transform you from the inside out. It is more than a course, it is an experiential quest for the hidden powers of awakening and profound bliss. Enjoy the video.



Sat Nam,


Jai Dev Singh





Thank you for participating in the video series so far.


I’m very grateful for all of the generous and insightful comments you’ve left on the video pages. There have been hundreds of them and I read each one. Thank you. We have one more video to go. It will be coming your way very soon.


These videos will be up for a short amount of time, so if you haven’t had a chance to digest the first three yet, you can still do so.