HA’AWINA NA POHAKU LA’AU ~ Healing Crystals ~ Ruby Fuchsite

RubyFuchsite-virgoIndia ~ Hardness 6.5-7
Use with 1st Chakra ~ Root 4th Chakra ~ Heart 6th Chakra ~ Third Eye

Most Ruby in Fuchsite specimens will display four colors:
Green ~ Fuchsite, Red ~ Ruby, Blue ~ Kyanite and White to Off-White ~ Quartzite.

This is a wonderful combination of elements that send out wonderful energies in all areas of life. It provides the connection of oneself with the soul level to help you on your spiritual journey while enhancing ones understanding of love at a higher level or vibration.

If you have experienced an awakening within yourself, the energies will strengthen your heart & mind’s neural connections. This enables you to integrate the urgings that you may hear coming from your heart so that you can put them into action.

Both the Ruby and Fuchsite help to open & stimulate your psychic awareness. Placing Ruby Fuchsite on the Third-Eye can awaken latent psychic abilities by opening up the Heart Chakra to receive information.

Since all three Chakra centers are stimulated by the properties of this lovely stone, you will find yourself in a state of harmonious balance. Enjoy this peaceful state, for it is the perfect breeding ground for a truly magical manifestation of your inner desires.

Because your heart center is so affected by the Ruby in the stone, don’t be surprised at your new found capacity, to change your personal circumstances, to include more of the world around you. Your heart space is expanding to the eternal love of the Divine when working with Fuchsite, so expect change!

Concerning matters associated with the heart space, such as, grief or anger, despair, loneliness & defeat, unhappiness or abandonment, to name a few. Fuchsite works well with healing the heart center to bring in the acceptance, peace & love which one needs to begin the healing process.

Fuchsite with Ruby increases your energy field, strengthening your Etheric body, while cleansing the astral body of any negative attachments. On the emotional body, you will find this stone to be a powerful healer, bringing you to a place where positivism rules instead of negativity. This allows the physical body to receive incoming, healing energy patterns.

This highly spiritual stone will assist your growth in spiritual matters on your journey here. You may experience a sense of “knowing” that you never had before, allowing you to see the full essence of your true self. Enjoy the freedom this heart stone brings into your life with it’s life force energies. Truly magical indeed!


Crystals ~ Larimar


Larimar is a rare variety of blue Pectolite (silicate hydrate of calcium and sodium). No other Pectolites have the unique volcanic blue colour of Larimar, found only in the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Sea. Though Natives of the region and their ancestors were long aware of this gemstone and used to collect them right off the beach, it first became known throughout the world in the 1970′s when the source rock formation was found upstream by a member of the Peace Corps and a mining claim was granted.

Some believe that Larimar is the blue stone with extraordinary healing properties that clairvoyant Edgar Cayce predicted would be discovered in the Caribbean where part of Ancient Atlantis could be found. For this reason, Larimar is sometimes known as Atlantis Stone or Dolphin Stone, as it is said to assist our ability to connect to and communicate with dolphins and other creatures of the sea.

Visually stunning, Larimar brings the tranquil energy of water and air to mind. It was created by volcanic activity—earth and fire—so this gem has a unique balanced energy that I feel when I tune in. It promotes inner peace, and so is very useful during periods of potentially stressful change, helping us maintain calm, soothe fear and the tendency to try to control, as well as aiding the expression of our feelings.

Larimar is well-suited to be of benefit during times of feeling over-critical of self and others, and offers us an energetic track to follow into watery bliss and acceptance of everything that is. This doesn’t mean fogging out and not striving to shift the world we live in to a more harmonious state. Quite the contrary. Larimar carries a vibration of love transcending all problems of our physical world. And that self-transformation (through nurturing love) creates change for the collective. We can do it! We are all inherently healers. Larimar speaks to me of our feminine powers awakening and focusing on the health of our planet (ourselves!) through a shift in how we can see with more positive perspectives.

Stimulating the throat chakra, Larimar energetically boosts the healing processes through the thymus and thyroid, relating to immunity and energy balance. In the creative realms, Larimar assists us to experiment with and articulate our own styles of communication and expression. Everyone has their own way of being and doing. so let’s celebrate uniqueness! Let’s find new ways to ‘fit in’ through acceptance and appreciation of each-other’s originality.