Samadhi Is A Sanskrit Word

lake-placidSamadhi is a Sanskrit word, very beautiful in its meaning. It comes from a root which means, when there is no question and no answer — when your silence is so profound that you do not need to formulate the question.  Such innocence which is just silent is called samadhi.  And in this samadhi state, you can fall into alignment with the heartbeat of the universe.  Only in samadhi can you become one with the whole. There is no other way.  Meditation is the first step.

Veda Means “Life”


In Sanskrit, the word Veda means life. The Vedic tradition of knowledge, which is often referred to as Vedanta, deals with the meaning of life, the purpose of life, and the place of life in the universe as a whole. According to Vedanta, there are two symptoms of enlightenment. They are indications that a transformation is taking place within you toward a higher level of consciousness …