Seeds for Meditation


Have you ever experienced the majesty of a very tall, very wide Sequoia tree?  Sequoias are one of Earth’s oldest living organisms, veritable witnesses to our humanity.  Imagine these ancient trees as Elders of our world community … those who possess the greatest stories of resilience, stories of tragedy and triumph, past and future … but above all, stories that humble our human lives, which seem like the blink of a cosmic eye against the timescales of these ancient organisms …  organisms that have unflinchingly witnessed all of our own tragedies and triumphs, our wars and our revolutions, our holocausts and our renaissances, and have remained anchored to existence more firmly than we can ever hope to be.

Now, imagine you have the fortitude of a Sequoia tree … Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Today, try to notice the living things around you that have been around longer than you have. Take a moment to feel the interconnection to that which is beyond your own individual existence.