A Simple Magical Ritual To Live Your Dreams

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Creating Future Memories
Once we have put out to the Universe what it is we want, the Universe starts working on delivering it. Many manifestations don’t appear because either we aren’t ready to receive them or we get in the way somehow of them being delivered. Our job is to clearly state exactly what we want to have happen and then it is up to us to let it go and give the Universe room to work its magic and deliver. This is sometimes very difficult for people, especially those movers and shakers that believe they have to “do” something or be in control. One daily ritual you can do to help stay out of the way, build energy and force into what you are manifesting and let you feel like you are still playing a part is creating future memories. We usually think of memories as coming from past experiences, but you can also create memories of future events. By adding specific thoughts, emotions, and physical actions into memories we create, we make them real and create them in our lives. The more energy put into creating these memories, the greater likelihood of them manifesting in our lives.

We sometimes refer to this daily ritual as the “Pack Your Bags” ritual because if you are for example working on manifesting a great vacation for yourself, one of the actions you can do while waiting for the Universe to deliver is to pack your suitcase acting as if your dream vacation is already a reality. For this example, here’s how you would do the future memory ritual.

1. Sit in a quiet space relaxing your mind and body.

2. Envision the future situation as if it has come to fruition already. For this example you might see yourself on the beach reclining in a beach chair.

3. See as many details as you can – smell the ocean, feel the sand between your toes, experience the joy of relaxing with a cool drink taking in the spectacular view, and so on.

4. Sit this way for at least 3 minutes a day adding more textures, feelings and sensations each time.

You’ll find that the more time you spend creating these type of future memories, the faster they will manifest in your life. You can use this type of ritual for making changes to negative things in your life too. Just start envisioning the goal that you have not been able to accomplish and see yourself changing the actions you do. For example, if you are trying to lose weight, but can’t keep away from the cookies, see yourself starting to reach for the cookies and instead reaching for an apple or for the phone to call someone for support or getting up and going for a walk. Add in the sensations, sounds, emotions and as many details into the new memory as you can. Creating future memories gives you a way to influence and help create your own future magically.

Service ~ Spiritual Mentoring To Find Your Spirit Guide


Life’s Obstacles Are NO MATCH For

A True Spirit Guide That

Solves Your Problems …

Because She Knows You.

Spirit Guides Are Among the Wisest and Most Powerful Beings in the Universe … The Big Question Is: Are You Enjoying the Benefits of Having Your Very Own Spirit Guide?

Important: Spirit guides have specialties… Like you and me.

Today marks a special turning point in the lives of countless people around the world who have discovered that spirit guides are real.  Spirit guides are brimming with wisdom from the Universe itself and because of their positive natures, are only interested in helping solve people’s problems and free them from their present limitations in life.

Spirit guides are among the wisest beings to ever walk the celestial planes… And they are ready to give you a hand!

I have helped thousands of people achieve their dreams and goals in life through traditional Japanese Reiki and other specialized therapies like meditation.

In my long practice with people from all walks of life, I have discovered that one of the most instrumental factors that help people overcome virtually any obstacle in life is the presence of a guide.

People who have a positive guiding influence in their lives recover from problems more quickly and are happier and more successfully in life as well.

Sadly, not everyone has another person to guide them during troubled times. Nine times out of ten, people feel lost and alone when it comes to solving their own problems and finding vital answers to life’s biggest curveballs.

I know this because I have been there myself.  Having more stressful questions than answers can sap a person’s energy so much that even the smallest flicker of hope can go out …

But, what if I told you that it
doesn’t have to be this way?

What if I told you that you never have to be alone again and even if you feel that the whole world is against you, there will always be someone who will stay right beside you, guiding you so you will succeed?

I am not talking about imaginary companions here… I am talking about awakening your mind’s consciousness so that you can begin to freely speak to your very own spirit guides.

Spirit guides have existed far before the birth of mankind and will continue to exist long after the last human walks the Earth.

Spirit guides are known by many names. For thousands of years, man has been aware that there are powerful beings that freely cross the cosmos and are even capable of bearing messages from the Source.

The ancient Greeks called spirit guides cosmic messengers, tasked with bearing truth and knowledge to humanity. Other cultures understand spirit guides as guardians of wisdom and of the gates of heaven and hell. Western culture knows them simply as guardian angels – beings of light and goodness.

At each turning point in human history, man has never forgotten to record the existence of spirit guides or angels. Why? The answer is simple: spirit guides continue to assist humans in their endeavors and the most receptive humans are rewarded the most.

People who know how to speak to spirit guides and ask the right questions are able to maximize their many advantages in life.

Just imagine:

  • Being able to communicate with the spirit guide or guardian guide that was with you since birth.
  • Knowing what to do when all your options have already failed.
  • Never fearing for your life or the lives of your loved ones because you can speak freely to your guiding spirit.
  • Being able to banish bad influences and negativities from your life with the help of your spirit guide.
  • Discovering alternative paths in life that will provide more happinessand more satisfaction that you can ever dream of.
  • Being able to understand yourself more deeply so you know what to do when problems arise.

Can a spirit guide help you?

Spirit guides are unique, powerful beings that freely walk the many universal planes, including the physical realm where we are. Can a spirit guide be helpful in your case? Here are a few questions to help you determine that yourself:

  • Do you want to solve current problems in your life that seem to have no solutions?
  • Do you have deep, personal questions that need answers so you would finally have peace of mind?
  • Are you a believer in the positive power of the Universe and its natural ability to change people’s lives?
  • Do you want a positive guiding influence that doesn’t ask for anything in return?
  • Are you ready for better relationships, a career that makes you happy and a generally happier life?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions then you will most certainly benefit from having your own spirit guide.  And “yes”, spirit guides can even protect you from harmful entities that are just waiting for the right time to cause problems in your life.

You hold in your hands the power to change your personal destiny. Your spirit guide awaits your call … and if I can be of service to facilitate that connection, contact me.

Wishing you the best days of your life, now and always,

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Rev. Dr. Lana Generao, JD, DD, PhD 18th Dan Reiki Grandmaster HPS, A&O Order of Melchizedek

Paradigm Shift ~ Why Imagination Is More Important Than Knowledge

Albert Einstein was right when he said:  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”

But why?

Because true imagination is pretty rare.  Most NEW ideas aren’t NEW at all.  They’re based on something that has already been done.

Where’s the imagination in that?

Here’s where it gets really interesting …

If all imagination is based on memory, who’s to say that particular memory has to come from this lifetime, or this civilization or even this planet?

Think about it, can you imagine a color that you’ve never seen before?  Go ahead and try.  Imagine a color you have never seen before.

Notice what your brain does?  It starts trying to create a mix, based on what you already know.

You may be able to visualize your bedroom walls, and you may be able to imagine those walls changing color or texture.  But that’s not true imagination, it’s creative visualization.

Every color that you see in your visualization came from something you’ve seen before.

Can you visualize your walls being the color of infrared?

No, because you’ve never seen that color.  Not in this human body.

This is what makes imagination so important.  The bigger your imagination, the more knowledge and memories you can access… it’s the key to past-life recall!

Not only that, it’s the key to opening your mind to see greater levels of reality.  Levels that exist outside of what you’ve experienced in this life, into the great unknown.