In These Times of Crisis, Anxiety and Uncertainty

ImageIn these times of crisis, anxiety and uncertainty, there are certain things which we would do well to remember, and certain things which we should endeavor to do.

First we must remember that the Hierarchy stands. Behind all that is going on today, the same group of spiritual Forces and the same Elder Brothers, Prophets and Masters are to be found as before, guiding humanity along the path of life and bringing us safely and satisfactorily to our present point of understanding and development.

The teachings of the Christ, Who expressed to us the unchanging love of God, is still with us, and the Hierarchy stands as a bulwark of strength between us and possible disaster; this center of spiritual life is “like the shadow of a great rock in a weary land.”

 The second thing we must remember is that mankind has marched steadily forward from a state of blind ignorance and unawareness to one of an intelligent preoccupation with life and a growing sense of responsibility. This sense of responsibility, which is awakening in all of us is – on its present large scale – relatively new and is one of the factors definitely increasing the distress and pain we are all feeling.

 We ask ourselves, where, as a race, have we failed and what can we do to rectify our mistakes? In spite of everything, however, men have gone from stage to stage of intelligent and spiritual unfoldment and no matter what the outer happenings have been or may be, the race has made progress.

 There has been no turning back, and there will be none. Mankind has weathered many storms and survived many difficulties; men have emerged from periods of crisis better and stronger, purified “so as by fire” and definitely nearer the ultimate goal.

 We must be reminded also of the integrity and solidarity of the human family. We are one people – one in our relationships, and capacities and desires, our origin and our goal. It is this essential and recognizable integrity which is emerging at this time powerfully in the human consciousness.

 We are apt to think that this may not be so, that our position in believing is somewhat unique and that we stand alone. But this is in error and is not true to the facts of the case.

 In every land and among widely differing peoples, the same desire exists for understanding, for the establishing of right and peaceful relations, and for the expression of that basic goodwill which is one of the deepest human characteristics and our divine inheritance.

 These are the things which are important at this time, and which all of us would do well to remember. No matter what may take place in the world – whether war or peace, strife and aggression or understanding conciliation and conference – we face a difficult period of adjustment, and for this we must be prepared.

 Much will depend upon what all peoples of goodwill and disciples of the Way think and what they do. The power wielded by those who are seeking to live as souls and in touch with the soul and the world of spiritual realities is out of all proportion to their registered sense of power and usefulness.

 You, as you endeavor to wield spiritual force constructively and selflessly, are far more potent than you realize. If you add to this realization the recognition that you are not alone in this, but that people with a vision similar to yours and with the same ideals and spiritual aspiration are to be found in every country without exception of any kind, in every religion, group and organization, then indeed you can go forward with courage and with hopeful faith.

 All must go forward in unison with our brothers and sisters everywhere, conscious of opportunity, of strength, of responsibility and of the joy of service.

 Refuse to allow yourself to be swept away by any fear psychosis or to be stampeded into any attitude through which the anxiety and unrest and distress in the world can overwhelm you. Strive to stand in spiritual being.

 Each morning, in your communions and meditations, seek to take spiritual attitude with a new and fresh definiteness and to hold it fast during the hours of service which lie ahead each day. This is not an easy thing to do, but it can be done.

 Focus, just a few minutes each morning – be completely and internally quiet – and fill your days with vital occupation and true service, guarding with care all thought, speech and deed.

 Let each of us gain control of our speech which has often been our goal but seldom our achievement, and remember that the most powerful factor in the control of speech is a loving heart.

 Wild and fearful talk, hateful gossip, cruel innuendo, suspicion, the ascribing of wrong and wicked motives to persons and peoples, and the divergences of attitude which have separated the many different nations in the world are rampant today and have brought the world to its present distressing situation.

 It is so easy to drift into the same habits of speech and thought which we find around us, in the news and on TV and to discover ourselves participating in opinion, in attack and in the spirit of hate.

 Guard yourselves strenuously against these things and say nothing which could inflame suspicion in connection with any race, any person, any group or any leaders of groups, religions or nations.

 You will have to guard yourself with care, so that even in defense of that which you may personally or nationally approve you do not find yourselves full of hate and breaking the law of love – the only law which can truly save the world. The key to success is the silence of the tongue and love of the heart.

 It is good also to cultivate the joy that brings strength. This is not the time for gloom, despair or depression. If we give way to these, we become entangled in negative and destructive focal points in our environment.

 If we truly believe that the spiritual life is fundamental in the world today, if we believe that divinity guides the world, if we truly grasp the fact that all men are our brothers and that we are all the children of the One Father, and if we are convinced that the heart of humanity is sound – then these adequately potent ideas will hold us joyously steady in the midst of a changing world.


 Peace be with you.

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