A Candid Interview With Chef Robert Hesse

Two of The Halau’s students, Trish Lee and Amelia Rea, are excellent cooks and caterers. They are in Reno, Nevada, for the Fourth of July holiday weekend and happened to interview the talented Chef Robert Hesse … check them all out here.

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chef robert hesse

If we had to pick four words to describe Chef Robert Hesse, they would be: open, honest, humble, and gracious. It was our great pleasure to see this two-time Hell’s Kitchen contestant and Assistant Executive Chef working at The Brews Brothers restaurant in the Eldorado Casino Hotel in Reno, Nevada. Chef Hesse is perfectly comfortable working a street party, which is where CPM met him, cutting brisket for an estimated 50,000 hungry festival-goers at the 19th Annual Great Eldorado BBQ, Brews & Blues Festival.


Chef Hesse is probably best known for his time spent on Seasons 5 and 6 of Hell’s Kitchen, but after the cameras are gone, each contestant continues with their lives. There has been no shortage of work for this Hell’s Kitchen Fan Favorite. He has cooked for many as an Executive Chef, judged competitions, cooked for celebrities and at the Playboy Mansion. He…

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