7 Cheese Mac n Cheese – Southern Style

Colder temps make eating this traditional American classic a must, especially when you are with family and friends. Mangia, mangiare!

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Bake time: 30-40 minutes
Prep time: 20 minutes

This makes a large amount of very rich macaroni and cheese. Cut the recipe in half to serve a family of four.

Traditionally, I have always prepared macaroni and cheese using a roux based cheese sauce (or sometimes out of a blue box…. Sssssh don’t tell), but after discovering Southern Style mac n cheese, I have another favorite in my recipe box. It’s definitely a more expensive and cholesterol laden favorite. You won’t want to make this on a tight budget. This is one of those “sometimes” dishes. Sometimes you’ll make it because you want awesome mac n cheese. Most of time, you won’t want to drop all that money on cheese.

PLEASE GRATE BY HAND! I cannot stress enough that you should please, pretty pretty please, go through the trouble of grating your cheeses by hand. If you look at the ingredients…

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