Just For Today … Listen to the Tones

bird in flightYou might be outside and hear something a little weird, as in a bit out of the ordinary. What are those Tones I keep hearing?

The tones are actually a high frequency pitch or ringing in your ears. At first it’s often dismissed as a sound emitting from the TV recently turned on or an electronic device malfunctioning.

All of those high pitches can be turned off or easily avoided. The pitch I speak of is ever present no matter where you go and no matter how hard you cover your ears etc. In some circles it is referred as the sound of God or the Universe.

At first when you seek it out there are a number of other sounds you may have to sort through which are all naturally occurring in your environment. But, if you are in a quiet room and you relax yourself and just listen, it will present itself to you. In fact many people say they have heard it many times before but dismissed it for some reason or the other.

This pitch holds several interesting properties … For instance, as you become more aware of it gets slightly louder. More interesting much like non thought and awareness, if you relax your mind and try not to think about things and most of all not think about listening to the sound, it will get louder and louder. But, the instant you think about it getting louder it will instantly drop down to a faint pitch.

This of course is your first lesson, learning to raise the loudness of your pitch, or more or less controlling the sound with non-thought. By default you are exercising your mind like lifting a heavy object everyday to only realize some time later you are now much stronger and can lift many things you could not before. With practice you will be able to make the tones louder and softer at your will, and with some attention you will also discover cords or pitches interlaced within the one pitch. Meaning there are actually dozens of pitches intertwined. To the mystic, such a practice is a very special tool, as you learn to control the bars or loudness, indirectly you are exercising a different part of your mind. Softer and louder becomes a sense of movement. As you lie down, practice with the tones and you will discover that if you imagine yourself sinking backwards into your pillow the sounds get louder or in this perspective come forward. It’s a different way of understanding movement.

Perhaps this moment is not as grand or majestic as you had hoped, none the less it is real. There is an old saying, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

What awaits you from here is the knowledge, secrets and wonders you dared to believe existed. Are you listening to the Tones?


One thought on “Just For Today … Listen to the Tones

  1. I have found that tones sound like a tuning fork and they cut across all other sound and I tend to pick them up in just 1 ear are a precursor to earthquakes. I believe that the friction of the plates rubbing together produce an ultra low frequency sound which travels through all material. Therefore the quake can come from anywhere and can be picked up a few days before the event. This is also why animals leave an area prior to an earthquake, as they pick up these tones.


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