Seeds for Meditation ~ Illuminations …


As we grow older, what is truly important in life becomes more apparent.
What is ultimately important is that we gain a living awareness that we are only here for a very temporary amount of time.  An awareness of your finite existence acts as a guiding torch, illuminating the real from the unreal.
Through the darkness of normal thinking, we mistakenly find value in things that are actually empty of any real substance. We unconsciously connect our life-force to such things, until one day they are ripped away from us, painfully disrupting our sense of satisfaction and contentment.
A genuine experience of that which is infinite, that which is non-dying, becomes a brilliant light within us, a guiding torch revealing the real truth of who we are and what we are here to do.
This ‘yogic discovery’ is what activates our happiness, it gives us vitality and strength, and ultimately it brings us into an unspeakable bliss.
“Mindfulness of death is a nectar-like medicine that restores you to health and a sentinel that watches over the discipline of your practice, never letting it stray into distractions.” -Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche
It is not important what clothes you wear, the culture you come from, the belief system you subscribe to. It is not important how long you’ve practiced or how much experience you have.
What is important is that you enliven your body and mind so that you are no longer weighted by the negative gravity of the environment around you. It is important that the vitality inside of you is more powerful than the pressure outside of you.
It is important that you gain enough positive momentum that allows you to easily do what you need to do in order to consistently feel good, to smile, and to uplift those around you.
It is important that you enjoy your life and thus move swiftly in the direction of what you came here to do…and that requires powerful energy.
Your internal energy and outward projection must be stronger than any adversity, any stress, any depression, any insecurity. This is why group energy and immersions are so very important. They are significant enough in time and powerful enough in impact to completely shift the dominant energy in ones life.
What is difficult and seemingly impossible to do alone, becomes completely attainable together. We elevate ourselves above our obstacles and excel forward with smiles on our faces, brightness in our eyes.

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