digital flower1I give myself up to the violet flame:
it will renew the strength within me.

I send only angels …

To you that hurt me
working together
with conscious effort;

And to you who know no better,
you vampires and leeches,
and thieves of dreams;

And to you, dear friend,

because you are here
only when I am bad;
does the bright light of perfect insight threaten you?
The light that is always absent within you?
You, cold as a surgeon’s steel,
removed and incomprehensible;

And to all, because you, with
your razor tongues, cut out my soul;
and to those who think they know me …
to ex-lovers because you weren’t the only one,
to my mother eager to control an inaccessible father,
to all of you that made me cry;

And especially to you,
those sharks alike,
excuses for people,

because you wanted
to drag me into your abyss,
always enraged by the blood-smell of
the one who tries;

And to you, whose every step to the place
where nothing is hidden,
who swim like salmon struggling upstream to their destination:

And to all of you,

of Cosmology,

the Universe of stars
that are only a part of you,

Milky way, muscle inflammation,
black hole vacuum around the heart.

Thank you!


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