Big Island Film Festival announces script-writing contest

Maui's Island Films


The Big Island Film Festival has announced a script-writing contest, reported West Hawaii Today.

At the 10th annual festival held in May 2015, the top entries will saluted and the winning script be submitted to the Paradigm Agency in Hollywood for possible representation.

Scripts must be submitted by Feb. 1 and be between 60 and 140 pages in standard feature screenplay format.

Submissions will be screened by professional readers reviewing the first 10 pages. Nine semi-finalist will be chosen and of those, three finalists will be evaluated by veteran screenwriters, instructors and consultants and one winner selected.

The festival is also seeking film submission from Hawaii and around the world, reports West Hawaii Today.

“The quality of film submissions — in story, production and maturity of messaging — has risen steadily over the last 10 years,” Executive Director Leo Sears says.

Films shot in Hawaii or created by filmmakers who live in…

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