Meditation ~ Soothing Tibetan Sounds for your Sacred Space

Bodymindzone’s selection of meditation music videos, with slow, beautiful, instrumental pieces, often using soothing sounds of piano, flute and acoustic guitar, will support your meditation practice. The sounds of nature, of the ocean, gently caressing and calming the mind provide the meditative space in which the beginner meditator or experienced practioner of mindfulness may further their meditative practice.

Whether your meditative practice focus is centered prayer, a yoga practice, walking or seated meditation, aided by a mantra, guided visualization, or using breath focused techniques, our lovingly composed songs playlist will relax mind and body and support your meditative spiritual search for relaxation, health and inner peace.

Meditation for beginners teaches that there is no right or wrong method. Whether using music for meditation, or music as a background for meditation, you will aim to bring your mind to focus. You may choose to focus on the instrumental music as a whole, bringing the mind back whenever you notice it has left it, or choose to focus on the movement of sound of the piano or guitar. If you choose your breath or a mantra as your focus, allow our meditative music to slowly pass by in the background, bringing your focused attention back to your breath or mantra if you find our heavenly music pulling the mind away from its focus.

As you use our music meditation playlists, and perhaps watch the inspiring beautiful images, become aware too, of listening and watching. Watch the watcher, watch the listener. Who is aware of the listener? Who is aware of the watcher? Has that awareness ever not been there, the silent ever-present Witness of all that you do?

As you become more mindful, you will find that you become more mindful not just of your own needs but also the needs of the people around you and the world as a whole. Finding compassion, positivity and mindfulness in relation to the world around you can be a starting place for a more productive and creative life in all areas, including relationships, work and your own spiritual journey of growth.

Relax, focus, love, accept.


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