Aromatherapy ~ David Crow, L.Ac.


We are excited to release the latest webcast by David Crow entitled, “Essential Oils For Contagion: Facts And Fantasies.”

Essential Oils for Contagion: Facts and Fantasies

In this informative and timely video presentation, David outlines the facts about essential oils, and dispels many common misconceptions and claims that confuse what is scientifically known and how they should be properly used.

Some of the topics covered in this video:

– An overview of the historical uses of aromatic plants, and some of the early concepts of contagion and microbes
– A summary of some of the scientific research on the anti-microbial powers of essential oils
– How essential oils work biochemically
– The safe and effective daily use of essential oils
– An examination of the recent FDA warnings given to 2 large essential oil companies concerning the use of medical claims

We encourage you to watch this video presentation and share it with friends and family.

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