So, You Think It’s Cool To Buy A Bonsai Tree …

banion bonsaiMost people buy their first bonsai tree because they think it is attractive or will suit their decor. But this is not a good basis on which to make a choice. If you are a beginner, you should select a species that is easy to keep and that is appropriate for the conditions you are able to offer.

The best place to buy a bonsai and bonsai accessories is a specialist bonsai nursery.  Finding sources should not be difficult if you have access to the internet, but take care before you purchase, as many so-called ‘specialists’ are not experts at all. They are middle men who have little or no experience or knowledge of bonsai. If you are serious about making your first purchase, then seek a second opinion about potential sources from a local bonsai club or horticultural society.  Some large garden centers stock bonsai and may even have a resident expert to give you advice.

If you want to buy on the internet, make sure the firm is a reputable one.  Download details of the address and telephone number, so that you can get in touch with the supplier if there are any problems.  A specialist nursery, which gives personal advice, is always best, especially if you need an aftercare service such as repotting, care and advice.  Department stores, shopping malls and hardware stores do not offer bonsai an ideal living environment, and trees sold from such outlets are rarely in good condition. The staff are also unlikely to know anything about growing and caring for bonsai or will not be able to offer any bonsai accessories; pots, tools, and will not be able to give you any aftercare regarding re-potting etc.  If you are a beginner, avoid attempting to grow a tree from seeds or cuttings. It is perfectly possible to grow bonsai this way, but it can be a long and sometimes tedious process for a beginner.

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