Happy Thanksgiving!

Hawaiian Thanksgiving

Aloha kakou A hau’oli la Ho’omakika’i
(Hello everyone & happy Thanksgiving) … Here is our prayer for all of you:

Ho’onani I ka makua mau no keia nani la. Ho’omaika’i ia au o e ola, ‘ohana a na hoaloha Ho’onani ke ha O haku no ke ola maika’i. ‘Oli no au i na pono, lani e I keia maika’i. Ke hui nei makou I kona lako maika’i, E pule kakou, Ho’omaika’i mai ‘oe I keia mau mea ‘ai I keia la O Ho’omakika’i a kela mea ‘ohana. Mahalo ke Akua no na mea apau. Na Iehowa ‘oe e ho’omaika’i mai. He pule keia ~ Amene


Praise to the eternal father for this blessed day. I am thankful for my life, family and friends. Praise the lord for the good life. I rejoice in the blessings of heaven this blessed day. let us gather together in his goodness and grace, let us pray. Bless this food on this day of Thanksgiving and each family. Thank you lord for everything. The lord bless and keep you. This is our prayer ~ Amen


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