Saturday November 29, 2014 Yod and more


The afternoon and evening of Saturday, November 29, 2014 is complex and contradictory.  The triggering event appears to be Moon conjunct Chiron (a once a month event that gradually changes character over a longer time window).  While we will cover a number of patterns in play, one particularly leaps out: a Yod involving Chiron, Juno, and the North Node:

2014-11-29 Chiron-Juno-Node Yod

[Click to Enlarge]

We point this out because, post-Thanksgiving, this pattern tells us something obvious without astrology: some relationships, including marriages, will break up this Saturday.  Thanksgiving will be the “straw that broke the camel’s back,” but some people will not fully shut the door (or walk out the door) until Saturday afternoon (or possibly Saturday evening).  And, SOME of you NEED to do this.  (I am referring to anyone in an abusive situation.  In fact, if you have to leave on Friday while they are away at work, then don’t wait…

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