I Ching For The Week of December 29, 2014

#61 ~ Zhong Fu ~ The Comforting Center
#61 ~ Zhong Fu ~ The Comforting Center

#61 – Zhong Fu – The Conforming Center

Above: Sun — Root, Foundation, inspiration
Below: Dui — Open, Free, unhindered


The Wisdom:

Inner truth is your beacon.
Like the wind it
Guides you, through
Inspiration, to tranquility
And abundance.


Your connection to Spirit is made solid

The wind is unseen as it stirs the waters of your heart and soul. Invisible forces are at work to bring you abundance, health, and success. This is a very favorable time. Your situation has in some cases seemed untenable. You have tried to influence others with words and common sense, and it hasn’t worked. You have perceived your situation incorrectly. Examine your truth, your inner wisdom. Hear the calling birds song … hear it with you open heart. Love is a sweet song

Though it appears that associates, old stale influences of family, church and state or your relationships may be blocking your progress, they will soon be moved toward your favor. This is assured. In the teaching offered by this hexagram, this can be achieved gently and without words. It will be done by means of the invisible forces of gentleness, compassion, kindness and joyfulness. Look for and embrace your passion be it for the clover in the field or for the love that is yours to embrace.


Your heart knows the truth.
Limit your words;
They have no effect.
Your actions and thoughts
Are benefits of all and for the greater good.


To correctly have influence over others, you must walk a mile in their moccasins. This will allow you to know their position and their thoughts. With this knowing you can access your intuition, which will counsel you on correct thoughts and actions. This is the way: The way of compassion
At this time move forward with no prejudice or hidden agenda. This will create openness, which is the wordless, gentle joy of which this hexagram speaks.


Thoughts have great influence.
Correct thoughts free of prejudice
Bring a bountiful outcome.
Negative thoughts will undo
The good you have accomplished.
Change your way of thinking.
No Blame, no guilt, no shame
Only change.


Exerting influence can be a tricky business. Thoughts and actions that attempt to manipulate or gain power over others leave nothing but hate and animosity in their tracks and will not achieve your goals. Look to your motives in exerting influence. When you are confident that you are coming from your highest good, for the good of all, you will find that your influence, though apparently invisible, is as powerful as the wind that stirs the waters.

You stand on the brink of success and release from bondage, and are now challenged as never before. It is not that you have done anything incorrectly; far from it: it is rather a law of the universe that we are challenged to rise to our greatest good.

The teaching in this hexagram says to go inward and begin the task of gentle self-correction. Where it may be easy to control the words you say, it is more difficult to shift your thoughts so that they are without prejudice, divisiveness, retaliation, or anger.

There are times when you must move stubborn or obstinate people, whether in your work or in your personal lives, toward the greater good. Such an approach must be well considered. Be gentle, with no judgment or preconceived notions. Try to understand where they are coming from and then adjust your thoughts, not your words, toward a more beneficial outcome for all involved. In this way influence is directed by compassion.

Having compassion for those who are slowing or blocking progress leads us to a deeper understanding of others and ultimately ourselves.

Outwardly, communicate directly and be honest and sincere. Inwardly, correct any negative or judgmental thoughts. This will release your untapped life force, or prana, which in turn will have a profound beneficial effect on your relationships, your health, and your business, these actions will deepen your spiritual journey—all toward the greater good.

It is well documented that we can heal many illnesses through right thought and meditation. You can apply this truth to your present situation. You are the healer. Look to the words that come to you; discard the negative ones and replace them with right action and compassionate thoughts, which will influence all aspects of the self to move toward a higher, more compassionate understanding. In this way you will change the situation; it will move toward the highest, most beneficial good for all.

You will not gain the trust of others until you trust yourself. This hexagram gives us a teaching on how to gain the kind of trust that comes from knowing your inner truth. Consciously look to your highest good. To be loved, you must love yourself. To be heard, you must hear yourself. To correct a situation, you must correct yourself and your inner thoughts.


Open your heart and let yourself be loved

The outcome of this process is rich, but the process itself is even richer. At this time, this process is not about choice: it is about necessity. Love, compassion, and knowing your inner truth are necessary to bring about the grand success that awaits you.

This week be the gentle wind and feel the strength of Gaia, the earth, as she beckons you home. Do not talk of love, be love. Do less, be more.

You are the sentient being at the center of your world, you embrace the frequency called God, yet have seen it as outside yourself. Know well it is in a part of you. Make the choice to know yourself with out judgment or fear. Choose to step silently into that frequency. As you do all is possible, all is in the correct place and you are in the right place at the right time. Not too early nor late. By understanding and excepting who you truly are this frequency of Universal love and light will be your wing man.


All men are your brothers; all women are your sisters.
Be love and teach peace … you are magnificent.
Without embarrassment or judgment say now out loud, “I am Magnificent.”


This writer sends you love.

In LaK’esh



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